Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


I just receive this one:


Well, I’d say THEY need to temper their expectations. We’re from all around the world, different time zones, some of us are sleeping, some working or studying, others deep into a 5 hour binge watch. Hundreds of other reasons why a person isn’t around to like a post.
Even in this flurry of interaction, it was pretty quick and lots of fun and some interesting points made, I don’t think anyone was doing it to see how many likes they could get from it, if they were, then they’re missing the point of being on Discussion.
And in any case there is no timescale on liking a post, yesterday some ninja with onions liked a lot of peoples post from back in Sept 2020. :stuck_out_tongue:



He is beautiful - Naturally Gorgeous!!!

for Choi Jin Hyuk and Cha Eun Woo


We LOVES you!


We can give make it! hahaha


Me when I see you guys POST NEW BADGES you get - When I run to see if I had them First!


hahaha now I don’t have more hearts for you guys :sweat:
I promise to come with more later today hahaha


I just realized that there are some “trust levels” but I don’t know how to increase that.
Did you know that?


Hearts as I am in and out of JAIL

The last trust level is 4 and that one is chosen for you not by the computer! Leader is the last Level looks like! :purple_heart:


Oh! I think that I’m the basic level hahaha


Crucial might be activity and time.

I guess is reserved to Viki staff.


Oh, I take notes! hehe


You know on the top right is the menu where you can see all possible badges, next to your profile picture?
You can click on them and there is information about the badge.

And for all those who want to give more love:


Good choice! hahaha I’ll take a look!


I am gob-smacked. Where did this unfortunate child originate from? Did her Dickensian forebears offload her into a dustbin behind an East Indian take-away establishment? She natters on as if she were a person of consequence.

Pardon me, but I must stir my stumps and get MI-5 on the telly before I go completely round the twist, don’t you know? Such an impertinent chit cannot be left unattended anywhere in the Western semi-hemi-demisphere.

Another option would be to invite her for an evening at the Bouquet residence, just some light refreshments, canapes on the Royal Doulton and so forth . . .

(from IHeartBritishTV)


Awww. He’s got major baby bird in my pocket squee factor. What is the best drama to see him in? There are just too many attractive people in Korea, and way too many idol options on Viki!


I may have. The time differential, not enough caffeine, too much sugar, and waaaaaaay too many Viki choices . . . I prolly need a badge for most fragments posted in a 24-hour period!


You shameless hussy!


I am beginning to think Discobot and Namgoong Min are in cahoots.

I saw a good chunk of I-Land. K-drama special effects and staging and awesome concepts aside, I-Land was truly an astounding Taekwondo feint in response to what turned to be The Year Of Complete Insanity.

The vibe was super-mysterious; nobody knew what was going on; and every time participants thought they knew what was going on . . .


I now have this badge:

How can I possibly make it to the end of Doom At Your Service without the juice that makes Viki run 24/7/365? Where’s the nearest mysterious egg so I can refuel? Disky B. is taunting me.

If I had only known how hard life on Viki would be . . . but it’s too late.

(Aussie cover band Eastside PH)

Ayers Rock . . . mysterious egg . . . Coincidence? Collusion? You decide.

(from Koreaboo)

BTW, on a more serious note, I read that Kim Myung Min was on the cusp of emigrating to Australia when he got his first big break as an actor. Just an astounding piece of Mother Earth, and how tough are the folks who are sticking it out these days in Australia and New Zealand?

I can’t tell from posts here, but any Aussies paying attention to this thread? Hats off to you for sure and best wishes and prayers.



Too too fangirly!