Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


@natyh - My Precious - I want to post all my Khotties but I won’t do it!!! - Total other thread


I love Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung. Most people love My ID is Gangnam beauty or true beauty but I love his role in Rookie Historian because the feeling is kind of different.


We should create a new one where we can post the hottie for each week, something like a poll? What do you think?


Hi girls, now we have it hahaha
I’ll be waiting for your vote!!





Yeah, if you burn down the Internet how you gonna watch . . . Siggy?



We just need a RECHARGE! :fire::fire::fire: SIGgie - Hold my Hand!


So, he’s way maknae for me, but the baby bird factor–you just want to scoop him up and tuck him in your pocket and feed him gimbap–is very strong. He has great BB factor and totally should be on the hottie board.

@kdrama2020ali, is there room? I think there has to be?

Are there hottie subgroups? Sweetest? Swooniest? I’d let my best friend have him out of the goodness of my heart? Best stray lock of hair? Best slow turn to look back while walking away in sorrow?

So many possibilities. But I believe in your ability to curate. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to take responsibility.


(from Kdramakisses)


Oh, Siggy, not to worry. Can’t you see that she just put on her Velcro coat?


There are sub groups

I have a Hottie Posse VARSITY

And a Hottie Posse Junior VARSITY



The badge for the sweetest . . .



@natyh, entiendo que tu eres una mujer de Colombia. Hay mucha gente muy hermosa en ese país. (Soy una tejana con un amor simple de esa lengua.)

Y en Colombia también hay café y chocolate. Tienes los ingredientes esenciales para hacer juicios racionales y sólidos sobre las cosas buenas de la vida.

¿Tiene suficiente café y chocolate para enviar a todos los involucrados en esta discusión? Creo que una transferencia bancaria funcionaría muy bien.


Basically, @natyh can go the distance in finding and assessing hotties with accuracy. She has the tools to outlast the average fangirl!


The HOTTIES can go the DISTANCE!!!


Hottie Posse
Hottie of the Week

With Chocolate you get Chocolate ABS!!! Ooooooooh More BADGES!


You must take the ring off now before it completely consumes your soul, just look at what happened to it’s last bearer Zoe!


I think I’m a goner or maybe I am just …


  • hahahahaha!


It was from Monsters Inc. but I think she was some kind of slug or something.


Ouh! So scarrry! This too, maybe. . .


Suweeet! See you in Stir Crazy’s cell :joy::joy: be nice to @vivi_1485 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: she’s got compensation $$ :money_mouth_face: $$ mula, she’s loaded on the inside. :wink::wink:
She’s known as the :laughing::sunglasses: 인 씨사, Inssisa (in-sider).


:handshake: Welcome to the Badge **o*es welcome!
:handshake: Welcome to the elites club!


Which brand of coffee do you prefer? I have more than enough! hahaha