Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


aww we really should do all this tutoring on another thread! @misswillowinlove, what do you think? Could we start a separate topic?


I was joking!!! It just looked beyond me! I’m still too busy thinking about DOOM


Tutoring as another thread truly would be fine as far as I am concerned. It is a serious topic worth exploration since subber, segmenters, sub cleaners, and the like are always needed.

But we can’t be too serious.

Cause I want @kdrama2020ali could get the “I’m officially on five quintillion threads where I drop D-bombs and jump up and down squealing with glee” badge.


(Hey, sissy, did I pull your biscuits out of the fire? Boy, talk about regional American idioms!)


Happy to report I got into and through the subs on “my” episode. Very little trauma. But don’t tell my Viki primary care physician that I came out okay.

My fingers are shaking from all that keyboarding.


“Doctor, can you put a splint on my finger?”

(from SBS)

“I’ll have to hold your hand to keep it steady.”

(So what kind of badge do I get for surviving the trauma?)


Are you saying this is me!!! hahahahaha!


It’s you when you are not using your energy to light up the Houston metroplex (cause that’s about how much “squee energy” you generate)!


Have you not read the rules? No fair giving yourself a badge!



CONGRATULATIONS!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: You completed your first episode!!
Didn’t you get this cute little thing?



Sweet potato soju, gimbap, and grilled pork belly for everyone!!! And about 25 pounds of scallion pancakes!!! (I love Korean-style savory pancakes!)




Now all I have to do is wait for my work to be reviewed by Belle-Omoni.

I’m pretty sure that, during the Korean conflict (which, let’s face it, made “The Late Unpleasantness” look like a baby shower), the American soldiers, airmen, marines, and medical personnel who arrived in large numbers were totally awed by the devotion to duty and love of country shown by their Korean allies.

The Korean Viki K-drama contingent (say that three times fast) has shown itself to be quietly and graciously descended from their fathers and grandfathers.

It will be an honor to be corrected by our dutiful and devoted @worthyromance.


I so wish they had a :microphone: mike :studio_microphone:on here, :wink::laughing: 'cause I did say it three times fast. :joy:


are you sure this is the word to use? I’m pretty sure it’s “Unni” for you :joy:


I have never met her, but Belle-Eoni is virtual “spitting image” of my dear mother who is no longer with us. My mother was soft-spoken, creative, precise, an excellent cook.

However, if my sisters and I did not pay attention to Momma’s subtle warnings about various issues, she would bring out her version of the Evil Eye. If we continued to ignore her, just imagine a Presbyterian version of Mother Durga.

Maye that’s why I typed Belle-Ahjummah’s name as I did? But you are correct as usual.


I LOVE the way you word your sentences! :heart_eyes: And yes, I always imagine her to be a kind aunt figure… I learnt a lot about leading a team from her :blush: I successfully led two school festival preparation teams after observing the way @worthyromance leads our teams!^^


Uh, oh, there’s big trouble!

(from Food.ndtv)

“Aunty-ji, Aunty-ji, get up and tell that little girl to stop putting out slices of burfi and eating them all before anyone else! And tell her to stop running back and forth on the cricket pitch and screaming and tripping all the teachers! Our festival is a shambles, and she’s at fault!”

“Oh, dear. Munni sweetie, I forgot the time! I promised your Mummy to have you back at home by now! Here, let’s hold hands and scurry out to the car park like two little mice!”

“Sweta-ji, why are you coming home so early? You didn’t eat all the garlic naan the way you did last year, did you? I have one coriander seed in the house!”

“Oh, Sarita-ji, Heaven protected us! I don’t know how it happened, but the Class Three Spring Festival chair person seems to be . . . some kind of deva!”

“What? How is that possible?”

“I didn’t get a good look at it, but It looked like a cat with three eyes, and it kept hissing at anyone who tried to approach the tea table . . .”

“Oh, thank God you are both safe! Hurry! If we apologize to it on behalf of the school and ask it to live in the garden shed and bring it ghastly frozen shrimp from the shop down street . . .”

“We can but try! Who knows if we may not be the saviours of our nation with our humble act!?”

(All that energy has to go somewhere . . .)


[P.S., I realized after I wrote this that it is a little “out there.” I hope you accept it as a token of admiration for India–its history, its energetic spirituality, its culture, and its love of beauty in all forms.

There is a group of cats in my neighborhood which many rely on to keep their yards and houses free of mice and rats (a lot of people live in older rental properties with not very attentive landlords).

Every summer for the past five years, a group of six or so cats has vacationed in my back yard, eating on my patio and sleeping in my flower beds. They are so small, so full of attitude, so delightful to watch, and truly forces of nature. One black and white cat, a female I call Neko-sama, is the leader of the pack. She is a compact little creature who walks everywhere as if she were a deer, picking her way in dainty fashion through grass, around trees, under hedges.

She does not make noise, but you know when she has arrived. One minute she isn’t there, and the next minute she is sitting on top of the garage roof looking down at you, and above her, the sun is shining through the leaves of a maple tree that stands higher than the garage.

For some reason, though she is tiny and scruffy and sometimes silly in her cat ways, she is at the same time very regal and very elemental. Life (and people) on that level of simplicity and honesty are more precious than gold in my view.




Me - Again - Just stopping by!!! And running really fast away! Back to Hottie Posse! :heart_eyes:


@kdrama2020ali likes to . . .

Ride Like the Wind–Christopher Cross and Michael Mcdonald

Meanwhile, I am working on Badges Of Some Signficance (BOSS). I note for the amusement of some that I am a Rookie which sounds like . . . .

(from Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen–English fan site of Actor Ji Chang Wook)

I am amused to note that Discobot mentioned I wrote a subtitle all by my own self, the sum and substance of which is, “Yes.”

[Closed] I love collecting badges but...(To Viki)

I love that SONG - Ride LIKE THE WIND! :purple_heart: Rocking out over here now!

Ride like the wind to ------ Hottie Posse ----- hahahahahahaha!


Had to think of you, but we would need songs for the other countries’ boys as well …
In the 80s, you could annoy boys with this song till they went berserk.


My SONG! bahahahahahaha!