Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

So, there is an option with threads, depending on how I want to follow them, of getting notifications in my actual personal email inbox that someone has replied to a reply I have made . . . or hearted it . . . or invited me to join a particular thread set up by a particular person with a particular status who can think of silly things to do to waste time across countless time zones.

In the email notification, there is always a link that says, “Reply to Topic.”

I click on “Reply to Topic” and, if I have not logged off the discussion board, then I end up at a place in the discussion which is essentially going on at the time somebody else in the thread said, “Oh, time to check in and make sure I don’t lose my ‘Regular’ status [or whatever status has been painstakingly achieved].”

Otherwise, without the email notification option, I have to constantly check in with Viki to look through every frickin thread I am part of and scroll and scroll and scroll up and down and sideways and discover that I have been out of the loop for a day, five hours, who knows what.

It’s the logging in and out of Viki itself that makes communicating by any kind of messaging process a mess.

I don’t normally leave my desktop or my Microsoft Surface Pro on if I am going to sleep or going out of the house. Electricity isn’t free.

So, if I shut down my computer, of course I automatically get logged out of Viki. In order to access my personal watch lists, I have to log on again.

When I do that, then if I am doing something with pre-subs, I see a little red dot next to my avatar that means, “You got a message from the CM, click on me and see what’s going on (but don’t forget to refresh your browser window to see if there is new information you need to check out, but also don’t get confused about which email you are supposed to be responding to, and don’t send a message to the wrong @name in the process.”

And if I want to have a personal conversation on a discussion board with anyone, I have to log on to the discussion board, and then if I want to either get back to watching a video . . . or interacting with subbers on a project . . . I have to either open up a new window and continue watching, or I have to log out of the discussion board entirely, which logs me out of everything, including subbing work.

So, if I just open lots of windows on my device of choice (which does not include my phone) and keep them all open, and jump back and forth, I can communicate via messaging systems which all have little “zipping envelope icons” that I can click on to send a message which functions in some way like an email . . . but it’s not.

The actual IT hardware that Viki uses to send information across the Internet is undoubtedly somewhat out of date all the time (the servers, the computers in offices, the mainframe computers, and so forth) and never entirely replaced all at once . . . because THAT would require some significant bucks.

However, if Viki is TRULY trying in some fashion to compensate volunteers for the giant super cargo ships full of time and effort they put into their work, and if badges indicate some level of trust between Viki and subbers/segmenters . . .

Or some level of competence in doing certain tasks . . .

And if the email badge says to the Viki community that THIS person has been recognized and rewarded in some special way for mastering virtual communication both inside and outside the Viki-verse . . .

Then WHY doesn’t one of Viki’s IT guys deign to interact with volunteers who need to communicate across multiple time zones in a hurry so that the messaging system (that VIKI put together out of Discus bits and pieces) actually works without causing people to lose their minds JUST simply trying to keep in touch?

Rakuten bought Viki to provide an income stream and to help it get a foothold in the United States where Asian-drama lovers of all kinds are soaking the goodness up like some food-inhaling Pokémon.

I hate to be the whiny, penny-pinching Ahjumma again, but how much could it cost Viki to have an IT guy have a Zoom meeting with senior volunteers and then go back to his cluttered office and figure out how to make communicating, especially about ultra-time-sensitive subbing work, NOT make people pull their hair out?

It’s a case of, “Viki, honey, help us help you.”

The email badge is, without some meaningful context and meaningful support, truly a stupid, useless virtual decoration that means nothing and proves nothing.



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It’s quite perplexing that you have this kind of experience using Viki.
I don’t much care to have E-mail notifications switched on for Discussions. Too much digital pollution and it’s not necessary to interact in real time since we’re all in various time zones I know these things are not time sensitive, instead I just catch up with the discussions notification (the blue dot) which seems to do what the e-mail notification does.
Maybe as a volunteer you would want the inbox Email notification left on for for that purpose, but I don’t volunteer so can not comment on this but I’ve read many a topic on the trials and tribulations of the clunky mailbox system from the veterans.

I take it that your browser is set to clear all cookies when the browser is closed, causing you to have to log in every time you go to Viki (either via the email link or open the website) in which case why not use the auto login feature of the browser, all of the major ones have the functionality. Both Viki and Discussion is Single Sign On. so once you are logged in Viki and you are not logged in Discussion you only have to press the login button and it logs in automatically so you don’t have to type all the credential in again.

I don’t see the reason for needing to log out of Discussions in order to go to the main Viki site to watch videos or volunteering work? Why not just go via the blue Rauten VIKI logo at the top left to jump right back into watching from Discussions? It remains in the same tab so no need to log back in. Discussions will automatically log out when you shut the browser down and the login cookie is cleared, in your case anyway, I leave my cookies intact so never logged out however many times the browser is closed.


This happens sometimes with the main Viki site but I have NEVER had to log in to Discussions! I’ll be locked out of the main Viki site but Discussions is always logged in. As @ninjas_with_onions said, it must be because of your browser setting or something.

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Hear! Hear! But nonetheless, it will never be said, it has not been, even, attempted! I’d like to think it was meant to be awarded to boost our volunteers. They’re likely the ones who’d need to communicate via email, while working as a team.

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The term “email” is so generic that it is confusing rather than boosting. There is the emailing that two volunteers might do back and forth between outside accounts as friends. That’s not what the badge is for, I am pretty sure.

There is the subbing team messaging back and forth via something that looks like emailing that includes individual messages and group messages. That’s not what the badge is for, I am pretty sure.

There is the discussion board posting of comments for fun or for general informational purposes that keeps alive the original volunteer spirit that Viki was born out of. That’s not what the badge is for, I am pretty sure.

If the email badge is impossible to get because its purpose is clear as mud AND because the process for obtaining it is nowhere simply, clearly defined, then the person (or persons) who decided that it should be part of the volunteer “reward system” should be communicated with so that volunteers can state in a simple way what badges would actually be encouraging.

But who is that person (or who are those persons)?

Do you know? Do any of the volunteers know?

Has any volunteer interacted in any way (by text, zoom, message, or email) with Viki paid staff who (in collaboration with Discus) chose how the Viki “communications platform” would look and function (so that it would help maintain a sense of community at a time of rapid expansion)?

Who is the most senior volunteer? Does that person have regular contact with Viki paid staff? Are there quarterly meetings during which Viki paid staff and volunteers discuss “how things are going” relative to subbing AND what is helpful and what is not?

If there are issues in the volunteer community that volunteers even half seriously think should be addressed, then which Viki paid staff are responsible for addressing such issues, and why is there no “email mechanism” or other mechanism for interacting meaningfully with that staff?

P. S. Just call me the BH shop steward, wanting to get in management’s grill just a bit . . .

Timely segue . . .

The whistleblower/social justice/who will speak for the dead K-drama is a type I get sucked right into.

Some of my faves . . .

Another segue . . .

Below is Mr. Jo, the youngest of my three cats. I found him in July of 2017 under my porch and bottle fed him into robust and noisy independent kittenhood. (His mom, whom I have since gotten to know and feed in my backyard, was apparently in the process of moving him from where she gave birth to a more secure location.)


I binge-watched the two “Mr. Jo” series during the month I had to feed him EVERY four hours.

I decided to name my mouthy, squirmy kitten Mr. Jo after the K-drama character who didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, got tossed in the Han river by gangsters, fell from high places and survived, and escaped from confined spaces easily.

My cat’s full name is Mr. Antonio Jo, International Finder of Small Objects. He loves to play with wads of blue painter’s tape, and he can leap five feet straight in the air to grab a housefly off a wall for a snack.

And to keep it topical, which


should be awarded the BCF badge–which would stand for either Bad Cat Factor or Black Cat Factor?


One thing I’ve noticed, the email badge is in the “getting started” section category.

Another thing of note is, with these badges, the bronze :3rd_place_medal: kicks off, and is linked to getting the silver, :2nd_place_medal: and the gold :1st_place_medal:🪙

The answer to this question, I do not know :woman_shrugging:t5:

In my experience, most of my interaction with staff is via the help tickets. They’ve been very responsive, and very human. I have followed up with email interactions, with staff, regarding help ticket issues.

I’d suggest submitting this post (yours, not mine) via a help ticket. Hopefully you’ll get a staff who loves what they do, which means they care, and not someone simply pushing pencils.

I’ll check my past emails with Viki, and post up any useful info in this thread. :wink::+1:t5:


well people I just got one, and due to I didn’t know about those names and all like @leerla73 I learned how to do this!


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