Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


:rofl: Congrats to all!! Same here, must be July, before it was November. I would like some dark chocolate or truffes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yum: Perhaps I should make some:


Baby Bird says HoppyAnniversary!



It’s not the month you joined Viki but the discussions forum.


@lutra, we must forthwith depose Discobot as the awarder of any badges whatsoever and put you in his/her/its place. I hereby submit a better and much more appropriate badge to issue for Viki anniversaries. Waffles, real or virtural, are better in my book than cake. And Tom Hanks, playing a larcenous but extremely educated professor with a large vocabulary and precise speech, seems a fitting emblem.





I got one too! I didn’t realize I have been on here for so long!!!


I am still waiting for a gifted gif creator bringing me the waffle guy from Coffee Prince played by Kim Jae Wook, that would be my badge of honor for my 5th anniversary badge, although not in succession.
And thanks for the flowers, I would take that job if it could feed me.


The Waffle Guy


He’s another one that’s mine! But you can borrow him for a sec! bahahahaha! I waited and waited for him to come on screen in Coffee Prince! And that black nail polish…



Where were you in 2007 when it came out, you might want to claim him but, I bet there are thousands doing the same.
I will say he is my dongseng and needs to be protected. So, don’t do any strange things. This noona is watching out for him!


Me Too! I have his back badge:purple_heart:

If he would just do more, ML roles like Her Private Life - He is so quiet lately hope to see him back soon! I wonder if he is off playing guitar and singing in his band - maybe! Or just chilling! I know he bought a new house…




I have always wanted to try this . . .


Omo! BBF plus CBF (Cheekbone factor). Very rare combo.

Pick whatever badge you like, but clearly you have earned the badge that is more rare than the email badge. It is the “I spy with my little eye” badge.

You could also prolly qualify for a Korean army sharpshooter badge without having to do any work.


“Hello, boys. The President of Korea says I can have the Quonset hut next to yours. I’m gong to take a nap. When you’ve finished unpacking my luggage and made me afternoon tea and gathered enough of the in-uniform hotties to sing me ‘Arirang’ acapella, wake me up, OK?”



This is a really well-done video about an acapella group that has been the symbol of Kings College at Cambridge University since the 50s or 50s.

For me, this eliminates the need to explain in agonizing detail: “What’s the bid deal with getting subs done ‘right’?” When an excellent video . . . that tells a fascinating story . . . and has excellent music . . . has clean, simple, minimally invasive subs appropriate to the genre, the mood, and the characters, it’s a joy to participate in and a joy to experience.

Anybody who would say, “I still don’t get it” after watching this . . . never will.


I love it a BBF and a CBF card to throw down! 감사합니다 Gamsahabnida

Out of hearts and I just woke up! :woman_shrugging:

A little Annie Oakley in purple!!! :purple_heart:


It comes with the territory of :tiger: tiggers, protect your :purple_heart: hearts :purple_heart: (。:heart::heart:。)


Just stopping by! What Up???



Aren’t you being just a little “cocky”?



So, fellow Badgers, here is a challenge.

Write a very flowery, Latinate imaginary and imaginative subtitle in English, just one sentence’s worth, and post it. The challenge is to reduce the Latinate and multisyllabic complexity to very essential Anglo-Saxon monosyllabic simplicity.

So, reduce it.

No weird word order, no complex verb tenses, no dependent clauses, no adverbs, no rhetorical questions, and whoever posts the first simplification sets the standard for name spellings.

Then tag someone to see if they can do better.

No replies to replies. After the challenge runs for a couple of days, I will say, “OK, time to award badges for excellent work!” And then badges of an inventive kind can be awarded to the three best “simple subs” for inventive reasons.

Chaos is encouraged.





alpha chi omega

My naturally reddish blonde but now purple haired girl will have to think on this for a LONG moment! When I’m awake!!! hahahahahaha



could you give us an example to start us off?

All jokes aside, I’ve been studying genetics at junior college and I found out the origin of the blonde jokes… There’s a genetic mutation disease called Phenylketonuria(PKU) that causes mild to severe mental retardation… another of it’s effects is that the person affected has fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.