Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


I must admit I find that quite surprising. I thought that your English runs rings round mine, but if it crops up like a badge in Notification for something I didn’t know I did, I’ll take it!
No, I didn’t go to a grammar school, merely the nearest state run secondary comprehensive school, but if my English seemed to even hint at the remotest possibility that I did then my Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) ability

is stronger than I thought.


oh please, it’s not just Britain. We in India have no use whatsoever for Shakespeare and his high-and-mighty language but a lot of us are forced to study his works for four years. Our teacher goes over every single line one by one, explaining the meaning and getting us to write the whole book in simple English. What we actually learn are fancy curse words like “thou deboshed fish”, “pied ninny” and “thou scurvy patch”.

As Caliban once said to Prospero: “You taught me language and my profit on’t is, I know to curse.”


I’d say you do quite well at offering all of us Badgers some light refreshment on a regular basis.


(from the Strange Syndromes blog)

What you wear to trot down the hall and pick up the slimline I do not know, but I assume it is in the best of taste.


I had a hard, hard time sorting through The Bard in high school and college because the point of reading him was not to enjoy the experience but to regurgitate what I read onto a test paper.

Somehow, graduate school was different because we were allowed to talk about . . . GASP! Ideas.

I find it fascinating that some of the most creative and beautiful adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays have come out of India.

I, too, have derived some small practical benefit. I feel quite confident that I can tell a hawk from a handsaw.




I was reading all this messages and I was thinking: what about having our own badges, we win a k-hottie every time hahaha
The fan in me come with that idea hahaha


A side Hottie badge!


I swear I’m on Day 2 of Heart Jail - I hear the Titanic Theme!


Yes, I can even hear it here … :wink:


AHGGGGH this thing is happening to me more often these days!! I’m currently serving time again! Don’t blame me if I suddenly turn anti-romantic! :rage:


¡Entiendo perfectamente el origen de la locura de “Los Hotties” en Viki!

(@natyh has just signed a contract to power the entire country of Brazil with her sighs . . .)



hahahaha sounds hilarious but it’s true!


The evidence is indisputable . . .

(The lights are in Ibirapurera Park in Sao Paulo; the picture of lights is from Pixabay, and the “mini-Minnies” are screen caps from various fan sites. I must thank the Badgers for giving me fun reasons to keep my Gimp skills in good shape!)


You have a complete playlist of songs to entertain us heart-jail inmates, don’t you? :sob::sob:


No, just whatever song comes to mind. :smiley:


you might want to try or since Gimp only works with raster graphics and is a little old-fashioned :smile: Both the above sites have a wonderful editing tools that make everything a lot easier!

oh look! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Even the system has a badge! :joy:


:rofl::rofl::joy: waaayyyy funnay! :rofl:


Hmmm . . . a case of nepotism here. Clearly Discobot has managed to get some relative a job. And has casually let it leak that there is an anniversary party that the Badgers will have to pay for.


Is it not always the maknae who ends up having to do that?

Sigh. And me with no Bitcoin in any of my accounts.