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So has anyone seen THIS!
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When you have collections - inside VIKI there are discussions that go through DISQUS I guess they have badges now??? I just saw it when I was checking in on my collections???


I would be happy to give anybody on the Discussion Board my badge for restored happiness . . . .

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If anyone can explain why I can stream Viki dramas just fine on Firefox and Google but cannot do it using Slimjet. I have different browsers that I use for different thing on my desktop computer.

Firefox allows me to do great screen caps. Google allows me to easily import my own photos into Discussion Board threads. Edge allows me to zip from window to window and tab to tab fairly quickly without getting bogged down.

Firefox, Google, Edge . . . all stream perfectly. I have tweaked different browser settings for things so that I don’t get the little Viki dog:

(Slimjet screen cap)

And with Slimjet I have tweaked all possible adblocker and streaming and hardware acceleration and deceleration and cookie and cache-clearing settings and EVERY setting that I could find, and it will not allow streaming of ANYTHING. I am currently posting on the Discussion Board within Slimjet, and that is fine, just fine, but if I go out to the Viki homepage and click on any video to start watching, I get "Oh no! Something went wrong.’

This is what “About Slimjet” says:

“Version (based on Chromium 90.0.4430.93) (Official Build) (32-bit)”

Aside from NOT allowing streaming of Viki videos, I like Slimjet because it does not hog band width.

If anybody is currently using Slimjet successfully with Viki, I would appreciate any insights about changing settings.


Simply because Viki is supporting these browsers, that’s the whole secret.


I use only Opera cos it has adblock and blocks tracking (although it was I think a Swedish company it was bought by the Chinese, so for serious pc works I use Edge). At times I get the dog and I’m not sure what it triggers… it could be sort of loading issue or when IP network changes… (within your network provider)

I stopped using Firefox because it was using too much of CPU!! So far Opera works well. I will explore slimjet, never heard of it :wink:


I always wonder what different companies/websites get out of supporting a particular browser. What difference does it make which browser I view a video in? Sigh.


The quick answer: Reduced headache when building and supporting a website.
Even amongst the main browser producers there’s a certain amount of infighting as they each build in their own proprietary technologies into their browsers. (cough Microsoft)
What works on one browser may end up messed up on another, so making sure the website will give a similar uniform experience across only the major browsers covers the majority.
Add to that the need to stop supporting older versions of browsers because of changing standards and old technologies being replaced by another or dropped altogether.


Ah, yes, reduced headache. The folks who claim to want to make life so perfect and simple and enjoyable for everyone and give everybody every emotional and economic advantage 24/7 are busy behind the scenes offloading their headaches on to everyone and everybody to whom they are giving their hearts.


Below is a YouTube video that plays perfectly on Slimjet which is built lean and mean and is easily customizable and update-able. Wonder how many YouTube techies are, so to speak, crawling around in the wings with brain aneurysms developing by the hundreds. None maybe?

I understand that Viki as a streaming platform is just an income drip (not stream) to the Rakuten overlords. YouTube as a streaming platform IS the overlord with other YouTube offerings providing . . .


Because nothing it offers is aimed at very specific, nit-picky niche markets.

So, I “get” that Viki techies, as underlings of the Rakuten overlords, do not have much incentive to do classy, simple, things that will win them the professional appreciation of their peers and customers.

Nevertheless! For these unseen techies, creating simplicity and elegance and keeping up with changing browsers is NOT the rocket science it is for me.

Clearly, among their overlords, the Viki techies don’t have an Uncle Bob. Bob is certainly NOT their uncle in this case.




Ok RuPaul is one of my FAVORITE people!



Back in the day, when I was in college in Richmond, Virginia, there was a very active “drag queen scene” in the area where I went to school. Considering the near-poverty some of the younger queens lived in and their truly fierce desire to be respected as people, they literally could not afford to be less than in-your-face with people.

A comment I remember hearing from someone in passing was, “Atti-TUDE, honey, Atti-TUDE!”


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Ignore it, once in a while “Discobrat” is acting up, this special “tic” of his last 2-3 day and then is gone again. Why? No clue.


Hiya! I don’t have any insights for you. But I do use Slimjet sometime, though Chrome is my go-to browser for the sake of convenience. It seems that only Viki Plus Zone’s videos work on Slimjet. In other words, as long as it’s a Kocowa video, it’ll work fine. On SJT, I’ve watched The Veil, One the Woman, On the Verge of Insanity and Penthouse with no issues. These are all Kocowa videos. I haven’t tried to find out why other Viki videos wouldn’t play on SJT. From its discussion forum, it seems that some Youtube videos wouldn’t work while others would. I’ve had no problem in that department thus far. Perhaps the SJT engineers have fixed the YT bug? Perhaps all other videos on Viki will work in the not too distant future? Try sending a request to Viki Help Center to give them a nudge in the right direction. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Btw, this is the version I’m using, apparently the latest:
Version (based on Chromium 92.0.4515.107) (Official Build) (64-bit)

PS: And do I get to chomp on those gimbaps? :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL I thought - yesterday it was still in the “coming soon corner” - went there and? It is still in the “coming soon corner”, but has one episode there fully translated. LOL Not watching now, but was just a bit confused right now … Viki should push it into the right corner.


On The Verge Of Insanity might be available for Plus Pass viewers for now.

In India, the show is still on coming soon page and will be available after a year. A few more shows are in the same category; they’ll be available in around a year.


Well if it were the VPP - but I am in Germany and Europe has no VPP either, but it’s there