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Hi guys,

Normally I love being a part of the Viki community, but recently, there’s been an issue that’s been bothering me too much to ignore.

A lot of users are being extremely rude in the comment section of several shows. I understand that many of them do not understand how the subtitling process works, so I don’t mind them too much and usually explain to them that it’s not magic.

A certain user, however, continues to be extremely disrespectful despite knowing how the process works and having had many volunteers talk to her about the issue. She seems to think we owe her something because she pays $4.99 a month for Viki Pass while QCs get it “for free”.

I’ve reported her for the time being, but is there anything else that can be done to stop her?

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The viewer on the show Beautiful Mind despite the fact she is only SECOND in the list of trolls, well… we uh ignore her and flag her comments and report her to viki.
She knows the process she says, so… there is little point trying to educate her when she sees no value or vastly underwrites it. One viewer said they wish subbers to be paid. If they were to pay me to edit I would charge $360 per ep. I wrote it all out to that viewer.


I was actually just talking to my mom about it, and although she’s never been on Viki, she kind of knows how the process works. She was extremely shocked to find out that we don’t get paid.


Honestly, I think that’s pretty cheap considering that you get HD quality episodes, you can watch basically everything, no ads…

Yes, I do understand that $5 is a lot to some people, but I’m sure it’s not a biggy for an [adult*] average working person in the U.S.

Adult = someone who has some sort of college degree / has a stable job.

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Assuming they don’t have a family to support, I guess so.

One of the most annoying users I have seen, her username starts with eunn. Jesus, everything has been explained to her but she keeps posting annoying comments. “Almost a day later and this last episode is only at 49% subbed. TERRIBLE. I praise when it is called for, not when it’s not.” She keeps leaving comments like that :rage:
As if everyone has time to sub an episode the same day, and not all the teams are the same.


Dear Viki there is a troll on Better Man who violated the terms and conditions of disqus as well as viki. This person had her account suspended, yet created three accounts just to post and basically harrass the team.
She won #1 troll in my book.

The person whose username starts with E… I blocked her because we reported her over 5 times to viki and nothing was done.

I don’t understand why nothing is done about these abusers.


those who cannot afford $5 a month cannot probably afford internet or even cable. Yet some buy every morning a Dunkin D or Starbuck coffee or other comfort (not healthy) food. At this time there is a number of needed english transcribers, you can get quickly a QC status so you can watch without ads.
I believe there are trolls from competitors commenting and harassing… it’s a plot like you find in saguks, hehe!
I would not take it personally but I think viki should have a right to remove bulling comments!


@sophie2you Is it the same troll we put up with in Beautiful Mind?:tired_face: Because that’s who me and @blackangel4 are talking about for sure. Honestly, there have been times where I talked to her in the comments section about things besides the “delayed” subtitles and she seemed like a rather nice person. It’s a shame she enjoys harassing us in her free time :sob:

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Yes the better man troll also watches BM with the username emo…(one of 3 accounts created for this purpose). At this point I cannot help but reach the conclusion she has nothing better to do. If things don’t work, I fix them or I do other things.

She continues to complain yielding fruitless results. I think her pattern of behavior is outside the normal scope of things.
The one with the Eu and has an avatar of Son Ye Jin she yes makes good comments but then harasses the team. Personally I was sad when I had to block her for the sake of my mental health.

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I was talking about the one with Eu. Her timed comments are hilarious but if she harasses the team on any of my future shows again, I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid blocking her. I was on the competitor site (am I allowed to mention names or will I get banned?) last week and found her in the comments section. I thought she was leaving us, but turns out she’s been there for some time now :disappointed_relieved:

Thankfully, I haven’t had to meet the emo one and I hope I never do.

haha I’m really bad. I go into extensive detail about the specific other site. I do it all without mentioning the site name but everything easily recognizable. I think the terms and conditions say no naming of sites? There is only one major competitor for the North and South American continent. The thing is they seem to have more viewers even though this site casts a wider net (more regions). Maybe viki needs to work more on marketing. That may be why we aren’t getting a lot of licenses (which is good for a worker bee like me).

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I think the reason why the competitor site has more viewers is because kdramas seem to be far more popular in South America than North America. The majority of the comment section is in Spanish. Since I studied Spanish last semester, I’d watch dramas on Viki and then read the comments section on the competitor site as practice :joy: The competitor site also had dubbed kdramas, which I guess people enjoy and we don’t have.

@youraverageangel @sophie2you

I believe you are not to advertise the competitors site, which is understandable. But simply mentioning the name while discussing shouldn’t be a problem. I actually think it’s unconstitutional for Viki to actually “forbid” mentioning the other site name in a discussion forum. After all, Viki Services is hosted in the United States and there is such a thing called “Freedom of Speech,” you know.

I just looked at the Terms of Use and the only thing I saw was that while you are writing subtitles, you are not to do “unsolicitated promotions, political campaigning, advertising or solicitations,” or “use the site to advertise or perform any commercial solicitation.”


Well the other site seems to be pretty strict too. It seems to be forbidden to mention other sites there too or complain about subs so why should Viki allow it?
Ohh and I believe during Heirs we asked Viki if we should flag people who mention other sites and they said yes.

Like I said, people shouldn’t be advertising other sites while they are on this site. But there is nowhere in Viki Terms of Use that they “forbid” simply mentioning other names. That would be censorship. If you start allowing censorship, you are taking away your own freedom.

I don’t go to the other sites, so I haven’t read their Terms of Use. But I have a feeling that their users are probably misinformed about not being able to mention other sites name, too.

I have seen countless well-meaning moderators and team members misinforming other viewers that it’s against Viki rule to even mention the name of other sites. If it’s true, I’d like to see exactly where it says it in Viki rules.


I don’t think this is true. Show me the numbers. I think Viki is still by far the more popular of the two, if DF is who you are referring to.

For DF yes. But for Viki, which I assume is your reference, prohibition is not expressly stated (please refer below).

Amen! I agree. I think the reason for not mentioning competitors’ site is encouraged and mostly done out of courtesy for all parties concerned. If it were out of conforming to rules, I agree, I don’t think that’s mentioned anywhere in the T&A of Viki’s site(unless I’ve missed it) but is on DF’s site (I admit I do access both sites, depending on drama availability). I also don’t think it’s fair to censor valid and polite comments in a discussion forum or anywhere comments are catered for.

In fact, a quick look at Viki’s T&A yields this, and which stated clearly there is no prohibition in mentioning third party sites, except that it’s on a basis of ‘Caveat Emptor’. But DF does state the prohibition while sharing the same ‘Caveat Emptor’ stance as Viki. If I’ve misunderstood the terms, let me know.

Viki’s stance on external links and Caveat Emptor:

DF’s stance on external links:" width=“667” height=“500”>

But what I’m surprised to find is this, which doesn’t it negate the ‘international community subbing intent’?:

Overall, both sites did expressly state the limitation of use for 13 years and above.

All said, I am all for Freedom of Speech (and healthy competition), bearing in mind the usual courtesy that everyone should be accorded, just as everyone would wish to be treated.


PS: I don’t know how to add spoilers in this discussion forum. If anyone knows, please advise.

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Spoiler : the clockwork on right side of smiley : maybe “hide details” or “blur spoiler”.


Thanks @piranna

I tried but the ‘spoilers’ don’t work. Ended up with blanks inside ‘Summary’. Too bad. I wanted to ‘hide’ the images to keep the post neat and short.

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