Being a subber [solved]

I’m usually made into a moderator of a channel, so that I have access to managing the vid and creating a cover page. Now, I’ve encountered a channel, which you can only be made into a moderator if there is more than two of you subbing the same language. I wanted to ask if I could still manage the vid (i.e. block the subs from being further changed) and create a cover page if I’m made into a subber, rather than a moderator.

As far as i know , you can manage the video if you’re only a moderator , subbers can’t lock the subs or add other subbers for example . But , you can still make the cover page i guess .

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Thanks. This is a deal breaker for me, cuz I had already some1 who changed what I wrote just to get sub points, thus I would probably not sub on that channel unless its policy changes. oh well, their loss.

That’s a pretty weird policy.
But yeah, you won’t have any access to the channel managing page or video managers unless you’re a moderator.

You might try bringing up the fact that there’s a user who’s changing the subs and you’d like to help deal with it, etc. And maybe mention that you’d like to edit the page design for your language. It sounds like a reasonable request and maybe with that info, the manager would make an exception?

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Thanks. I really hope so, cuz I too believe it to be a bit weird. When I was on my 1st adventure on Viki, I was encouraged to do my own cover page even though I wasn’t even a QC back then. You’re right, I’ll try to bring this up to them and see if it helps in something.