Best Cameos


Hi Buddies!
I think that we all have seen a lot of exciting cameos in dramas. Some unexpected appearance of one of our favorites actors/idols in good dramas.
Let’s talk about that here.
I’m going to start with this:

Hotel del Luna (my favorite one)

Itaewon Class

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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I don’t know if you have some more material about this girls hehe @kdrama2020ali @misswillowinlove @my_happy_place @vivi_1485


Junho - Uncontrollably Fond


The first one that comes to mind aside from the already-mentioned Hotel Del Luna is Kim Seon Ho in Run On (Ntflx).


Vincenzo and the 2 pm bros on TV

Channie and Khunnie - Love it! :purple_heart:


Ji Chang Wook - The Bros Movie And there is an UMBRELLA

Seo In Guk - Navillera

Seo Kang Joon - The Entertainer

Gong Yoo - Young Gong Yoo - Dating Agency


Really? I didn’t see him!!!


I loved this one!!!


Very short the FL is taking pictures on a bridge as Woo Bin comes - Junho was a “celebrity couple” she was looking at very quick & took a photo off an overpass


Gogh, The Starry Night & Pinocchio were directed by the same person so Gogh, The Starry Night had a few cast members in common and three notable cameos

Yoon Gyun-Sang (he was a police officer, I can’t find an image from Gogh…)

Park Shin Hye as a convience store clerk

& Lee Jong Suk as a potential celebrity product endorser.

There was a lot of the same cast.


Jung Hae In

OH MO MO - He’s so darn CUTE
“You’re the Most Handsome One Here.” hahahahaha


Ohhh he was her first love, right?


Grim REAPER oh my gosh this makes me want to watch GOBLIN - love love love


Deng Lun shows up as a former player of the team in Skate Into Love


Lee Jae Wook - True Beauty
Extraordinary You - Crossover


Oh my gosh - rings- sipping a drink - white shirt - HOTTIE - GEEZ but only for a sec!!!


Best cameo ever. That drama was just so visually stunning, and he is so visually stunning, so it was a perfect marriage. And my former American-TV watching self really wanted that to be a set-up for another season, but alas.


Something funny about this is that they were always watching Ashes of Love hahaha


He’s so sexy in that cameo, I love it!


On a related note, there was a scene in My Girl where the main couple is watching TV together, and they happen to be watching a scene of themselves together in a previous drama in which they were also the main couple. It was so funny. I’ll try to find a clip.