Best Cameos


This was my first cameo it was right after watching W and I was like! HEY! LOOK! It’s Lee Jong Suk! You already mentioned it but it was the first I thought of…


Jo Jung Suk from Oh my Ghostess
Legend Blue Sea
Ep 7
The cute part was with Minho when she was using him to flirt but can’t find the clip!



Another cameo where I was really hoping it was a harbinger of things to come in a future season was Choi Minho in Lovestruck in the City.

Just click on the photo to see the whole photo set. It formatted weird, and I can’t find another good photo.


It was my understanding there is suppose to be more seasons of LSIC

I still can’t bring myself to watch it

Look at Wookie’s FACE


That was reported when news of the drama came out originally - that there was intention for multiple seasons. That’s what got my hopes up. I don’t know if anything is confirmed about another season, as far as cast or when it might happen.


I remember that scene, it was so funny!


I did not know who he was at the time! so funny


Seo In Guk - Abyss


Isn’t it funny how that can happen when you first start out in dramaland? Then you go back later and realize it was someone totally famous.


I loved this guy in Beauty Inside but didn’t know who he was in WWSK


sorry not a cameo I know they did one I will keep looking


I believe their cameo was in Revenge Note but I can’t find it!!! I’ll keep looking. Cha Eun Woo did do a cameo in Eps 9 but I thought all of Astro was actually in it


But the thing with this cameo is that he was so different, I already know who is he when I saw that show but I didn’t recognize him!!


Also true. It was quite a transformation.


If you’re going to add self cameos the Goblin/Train to Busan one has to be mentioned. lol


I admit I haven’t seen either of those, but I love that kind of thing.


I am very bad with names in general. Names of Korean actors and actresses are a challenge for me because I know them only in terms of English transliteration, and there are various ways to do that. Goo, Gu, Koo, Ku. Lee, Yi. So, Seo. Park, Pak.

So when I see a Viki K-drama, and the subs point out a cameo, my first thought is, “Oh, yeah, that’s that man (or woman) who was in [insert name of drama].” And then I spend endless amounts of time trying to remember how to pronounce his (or her) name.

And then I realize I’ve gotten the syllables mixed up.



I can relate, and for some reason this is especially true for the females. Over time, I’ve managed to remember lots of the actors’ names, but for the life of me I can’t seem to remember actresses’ names with the exception of a couple.


Actresses with longevity are apparently rare, and sometimes I think they are hired for a part based on who looks most like the current “queen” in K-dramas. Makes me feel bad that I can’t remember actresses either.


That got me searching my memory for actresses from whom I had seen multiple works, and I have to say not a lot came to mind right away. Interestingly, I am really good with faces, so I can remember very specific looks of theirs from specific scenes, but that doesn’t guarantee I’d be able to remember which drama it was from.