Best Cameos


This always happens to me!! I watch it feeling nothing at first… and then fall off my bed when I recognize someone I’ve been staring at for months without knowing who he/she was!

maybe because we don’t keep searching them up and staring at them and finding photos of them and totally fangirling over them :joy::joy:
I’m glad I remember most names pretty well, both men and women! I just get a “feeling” that I’ve heard the name before, and after matching the name to the face twice or thrice, I can remember them… and I frequently join discussions about these actors so it gets easier to remember everyone

Back to topic:
Can’t remember many cameos right now but the one in the most recent drama I watched was a Kim Won Hae cameo in Tomorrow With You! He plays the ML’s dad who dies in an accident


True beauty has some many cameos


He was so cute then! Can’t forget that scene :rofl:


Yes it happens a lot!


This one?

This is one of the dramas I just can’t seem to get invested in, so I haven’t watched it. What’s with crying and the black bags?


One of my favorite. I love D.O.'s entrance.
Kim Jae Young plays the brother of Nam Ji Hyun in 100 Days My Prince.

Seo In Guk in Oh My Ghostess :joy:

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Lee Kwang Soo in Descendants of the Sun

Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won in Mr Sunshine

Reply 1994 cameo


He’s a merman - he has been living there and not able to get back I think I remember - there is a connection because she is a mermaid. They are collecting their tears. That makes pearls for her to sell.

Aw, thanks for finding that I love when Minho gets jealous


That whole scene is gold once D.O. shows up - how they incorporated his famous line from 100 Days My Prince & saying that it felt like they had met before. I love it.


I don’t know if this can be considered as a cameo, but Jin Goo in Fallin for innocence!

He is the boyfriend of the FL, the one who dies


I loved that one. I got so excited when I heard the OST.


It needs you to be in a certain mood… I watched it for classics’ sake but then I really started to love it because it was so funny and I liked the side characters too. I loved it way more than My Love from the Star(which I also watched for classics’ sake and dozed through most of it)


Has this been mentioned?
Jang Ki Yong in Touch Your Heart… this one was so funny, the way she imagines herself in a movie :joy::joy: They actually managed to do a cameo AND a Descendants of the Sun spoof in the same scene!
and then they fused it with some James Bond :joy:
image image


I don’t think it’s been mentioned. That is one of those cases where I recently re-watched Touch Your Heart and realized it was Jang Ki Yong. I had no idea who he was when I first watched.


I had the same experience! :joy::joy: I was watching it for the third time when my brain went “WAAAAAAIT a minute… is that… is that… JANG KI YONG??” the whole scene became ten times funnier! There’s also that scene where she’s fake-crying and hitting him like the typical melodrama :joy::joy:


Aw I was just talking to a friend about this one! I didn’t know him when he was in it either - I fell for him in My Roommate is a Gumiho!!!:purple_heart:


I re-watched Crude Play scenes from The Liar and His Lover more than 5 times before I realized that the drummer was Jang Ki Yong! :woman_facepalming:t4:


Wow, I think that we didn’t mention it, but it was a really good cameo! :heart_eyes:


I don’t know that any of these qualify as the ‘best cameo’, but I just finished Racket Boys on Ntflx, and it was chock full of cameos throughout, especially its finale episode. Here are just a few of the many:
Kim Min Seok (early in the series)

Kwon Yuri

Kim Seul Gi whom I love


Just finished Thirty But Seventeen and I recognized almost every actor that came on screen :see_no_evil: I have no if they’re cameos or I’ve been swimming in Dramaland’s pool for WAYYYY too long :joy::joy: