Best Cameos


I remember the drama Bad Guy aka Bad Boy, many of you might not know it, but the main lead Kim Nam Gil one day sat casually in a café reading a book and that happened to be while they were shooting for the drama Personal Taste aka Personal Preference, so everyone later said, it was not planned to be a cameo, he just happened to be there. LOL I think someone from PT/PP made a cameo back, but I can’t really recall who …


Ooh Bad Guy reminds me… in Team Bulldog, ML’s father is dead and his photo hangs in the front room of their house… moth mom and ML keep talking to it. And it’s a photo of… Ma Dong Seok :joy::joy:


I love him. He is a bit quirky as an actor, at least in terms of roles he chooses, but he always performs amazingly.


I just started Hello, me! and there is a cameo in the first episode.
Jang Ki Yong - Lee Soo Hyuk - Kim Young Kwang. :heart_eyes:
What a great trio!


Totally forgot about that. :joy:


When I started watching D.P. on Ntflx, I got really excited when I saw Go Kyung Pyo team up with Jung Hae In, but then I learned that he (GKP) was only in the first episode, so I guess that counts as a cameo. His character wasn’t exactly a great guy, but I love him as an actor. (Couldn’t find a screenshot or photo)


Because I am all about Yoo Ah IN right now!


Kim So Hyun, Yoon Kyun Sang, And Lee Sung Kyung To Make Cameo Appearances In “While You Were Sleeping” I can’t remember much since it was a while ago.



He looks so cute with hair in this cameo. lol

i have never seen him with hair before. i love this young actor. He’s fantastic in his roles…so natural.


He really is an outstanding actor! We are watching ‘Chicago Typewriter’ right now, and he plays a modern version and a past version of a character (or two characters?), and the past version has longish hair. He looks so great either way. And you’re right, he has such a naturalness to his acting.


Yes, I first saw him in that drama and then ALIVE with Park Shin Hye but he did one where he’s a total nut case and he did an outstanding job in that role. I wish he would take on roles more often but it seems he’s not too interested in acting (although it wasn’t himself who said that but a person that ‘‘knows him’’ since childhood).

He is very skilled and makes good money.


He actually has quite an extensive filmography, but it seems he gravitates more toward movies. He does have a drama coming soon in which it looks like he will be playing some kind of psycho character. It does seem like he’s quite picky, though, and that he chooses a lot of dark and ‘meaty’ characters. I have seen ‘Alive’ and also the movie ‘Burning’ that was very dark and disturbing.


Have you watched CHICAGO TYPEWRITER - he has short and long hair! I love him!!! Great Actor!

I think I just repeated the question - but I am all about him right now



Yes, he plays those psycho roles to perfection. He’s really scary in the BURNING role Omg I kind of traumatized to see him doing that scene. He was fully naked too!

That’s where I saw him for the first time. I loved him him in CHICAGO TYPEWRITER, but I hope I see him in a more serious role with action packed scenes bc he’s good at that with no ‘‘psycho’’ theme though. The zombie thing was great but I would like more romance and happiness for him. I don’t recall him with long hair but I’ll see if I find a pic ture or something.


His knew show looks like he is a “psycho” again - it is called “HellBound”

He looks very different - that is what I like about him- he is so versatile
I will actually watch this - he is an extremely good actor


Gosh that looks so scary. He looks better baldy lol.

Lately they making too many violent and scary movies/dramas. Overkill if you ask me.


Jung Hae In from the movie Salut d’Amour… he really has one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. Makes me tear up just looking at him.


Park jin young did a cameo in ji chang wook’s melting me softly,
I didn’t knew before that he did a cameo, I was literally shocked


Hospital Playlist has so many cameos :smile:
It definitely helps if you’ve seen the reply series and prison playbook :smile:


My jaw dropped… I was like “Wait, that’s Jinyoung! Isn’t that JinYoung?!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME JINYOUNG IS IN THIS DRAMA??!” :joy::joy:

I love watching Korean dramas and movies these days. Cameos or not, I usually can recognize almost all of the cast! :sweat_smile: I love being surprised!