Best ongoing drama

I’m currently busy watching a drama everyday except Sunday, because I love different ones that are on air nowadays. King of High School, Trot Lovers, Fated to Love You (You Are My Destiny), It’s Okay That’s Love, and Marriage Not Dating are keeping me glued to the screen, but I can’t choose just one. Do you have any one favorite that’s airing? If so, what is it?

Marriage not Dating is really funny !!


I really like Fated To Love You !

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Of course!! That snail–so awesome!! That dude and snake-charming music that accompanies his arm movements while they’re in bed–priceless!!

I agree with itsjoo !!! Marriage Not Dating is the drama I’m expecting the most all the Friday and the Saturday ! Even if I like the others dramas, this one is really cute, funny and different. :smiley:

All the ones you mention here with the exception of ‘King of high school’ it’s not my forte at all. I also have the whole week wrapped up. I can add to your list ‘Temptation’ and ‘Glorious Day’ which I just love. To answer your Q ‘Best ongoing drama’ that is hard as usual but most enjoyable one is ‘Glorious Day’ best script one is ‘It’s Ok that’s love’ best romantic one is ‘Fated to love you’ and funniest one is ‘Marriage not dating’
Love to hear what you favour of them all.

Hi, apart of those you mentioned for the moment I like Glorious Day, The Joseon Shooter, and for some odd reason Wonderful Days.

I watch “King of High School” for the male lead, who I think is a cutie patootie. “Fated to Love You” is way better than the original for me so far. I started watching out of curiosity and was hooked. The female lead in “Marriage Not Dating” is outrageously funny. Sound effects are cute, too. “Trot Lovers” I just like, even though the amnesia bit is really old and worn out as a drama-tactic. “It’s Okay. That’s Love” does have an amazing script with the twists and turns. (Do you know what other drama was produced by the main screenwriting team members?) Nonetheless, I think I like it because it’s about crazy people, so I have lots of laughs. It’s nice to crazy people being in love, too, though. Anyway, that’s how I feel to date. I just hope I don’t get too sad when they start getting into the painful past of the schizo lead.

LOL i know right the drama kinda interests me even though it’s not very exiting.
i like the doctor heheh main reason why i am watching it

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keeping this post up

So you are making jealous Dong Ok? :)))

My favorite drama ON Air is Marriage not dating! :smiley:

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Haha i ship them so much hope they will end up together i wasn’t able to keep up lately :frowning:

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Wonderful Days, its just over now though.

I loooooove Marriage not dating! Idk Gi Tae is just so cute XD and It’s Okay That’s Love too! I wanted to watch king of high school but I can’t since I live in Europe :confused:

The only ones left now are Fated to Love You and It’s Okay That’s Love, but since they air on the same day, my week felt so empty. Are there any other good ones going on right now?

I watch Three Musketeers, Surplus Princess, My Secret Hotel = really good :stuck_out_tongue: They are funny and little bit crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Discovery of Love is nice ( I love Eric Mun).

Glorious Day and What Happens to My Family are classical familial dramas but they are nice :slight_smile:

What’s My Secret Hotel about?

A woman is a wedding planner in a hotel. She must organize the wedding of the man she loved 7 years ago but a murder stopped the ceremony. All the employees of the hotel seem suspect :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s okay thats Love, Hi School Love on, My secret Hotel, Surplus princess and Marriage not dating (though it just recently ended).

I really love all of these haha. My secret hotel is starting to fall off a little for me though. Idk maybe I just have something against hotels- I couldn’t get through hotel King either. :stuck_out_tongue: Marriage, Not dating was so funny and cute though. Out of all of them Its Okay, thats Love is my favorite. I’ve literally re-watched all the previous episode multiple times because I go through withdraws waiting for the next episode haha.

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