Better way to handle low rating for lack of subtitles?

I know everyone loves to watch a drama in their own language, but it is very depressing when people vote a drama poorly because their language is not currently present. And sadly it seem to be a lot of the same group of people. Even more so, when the tag “This show has English subtitles only” is present. It is very unjust to the actors that work on these dramas. If one doesn’t like the drama, sure, that is acceptable, but giving a rating of 1 because their language is not listed feels quite childish and petty. (Before someone comments, please note that English is not my main language, but I did learn it so I didn’t have to wait for things to be translated into mine :smirk:.)

On that note, Is there any way to add an additional flag that “reports” the drama rating as subtitles request so that it doesn’t count as part of the total rating of a show? I know people are working on updating the website, so maybe they can look into a way to fix the array, or stack or however that is coded not to calculate those? I know people can rate those down, but at what point those are no longer counted?

Also, for those show that are only going to have English subtitles, how about adding a banner on the show image?. (A quick dirty example below :smile: )
since it seems a lot of people (quite sadly) don’t notice the “This show has English subtitles only. Learn More” info link.

Will be nice if we can stop a good drama getting bad ratings because of subtitles requests.


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