Better way to handle low rating for lack of subtitles?


I know everyone loves to watch a drama in their own language, but it is very depressing when people vote a drama poorly because their language is not currently present. And sadly it seem to be a lot of the same group of people. Even more so, when the tag “This show has English subtitles only” is present. It is very unjust to the actors that work on these dramas. If one doesn’t like the drama, sure, that is acceptable, but giving a rating of 1 because their language is not listed feels quite childish and petty. (Before someone comments, please note that English is not my main language, but I did learn it so I didn’t have to wait for things to be translated into mine :smirk:.)

On that note, Is there any way to add an additional flag that “reports” the drama rating as subtitles request so that it doesn’t count as part of the total rating of a show? I know people are working on updating the website, so maybe they can look into a way to fix the array, or stack or however that is coded not to calculate those? I know people can rate those down, but at what point those are no longer counted?

Also, for those show that are only going to have English subtitles, how about adding a banner on the show image?. (A quick dirty example below :smile: )
since it seems a lot of people (quite sadly) don’t notice the “This show has English subtitles only. Learn More” info link.

Will be nice if we can stop a good drama getting bad ratings because of subtitles requests.


There should be another item on the drop-down menu.
I would call it “Not a review”.
This will cover all fake reviews, all ratings (either low or high) given for reasons extraneous to the drama’s worth. The two most recurrent examples are:

  • 5-star reviews before the drama even starts airing, because “oppa is in it”
  • low ratings because of lack of license/subtitles


Haha that made me giggle.

I don’t waste my time reading too many reviews. Just a handful. If I see one that complains about subs I click the thumbs downs button because it has nothing to do with the show and I don’t care to read complaints about subs that are not yet ready in ‘your’ language.


Some examples of “reviews” before the drama started. Here the high rating is the problem rather than the low rating. Giving a high rating because a show “looks promising” and because you love the actors is, of course, not a review at all!


Great suggestions which really should be added officially to this page, @aristonomia, if you have time and if there isn’t a similar suggestion already:

Here you can post your idea, which then gets upvoted (or downvoted) and by the number of votes gets prioritised on Viki.

Temporary solution is to tag the “reviews” as spam. The more people tag something, the quicker it gets deleted from the system. We have a thread for these things, when you need help tagging.


One way of stopping the pre-start drama rating would be not allowing it to be rated before the first episode is aired.


We discuss this in the thread I posted above. Yes, not aired on Korean/Chinese/ etc. television. A show may be aired a long time ago on TV, but then picked up later by Viki. Then the reviews should be allowed even before the first episode is shown on Viki.


How about while your watching and the Show the Subtitlers Love page comes up It will also ask how are you liking the Drama so far? If you give an episode 10 stars then it shows up as your review.
Also people often have a 10 star reviews before the Drama has aired.I that confusing.


Yes, that page is something we hate.

  1. It often obscures the end credits, end song and preview
  2. If you close it, there is no way to go to the next episode (we used to have a thumbnail with “next” under the video)
  3. As you say, it encourages viewers to write a review even after watching a single episode, which is ludicrous. This screen, if ever, should only be on the last episode.


Putting that end screen only serves one thing, to help a new show gain momentum and popularity via reviews. But on a long run is quite counter-productive. Too often a show has great first four episodes after which the quality plummets. The system, as is built now, promotes early ratings, which on a long run become misleading.

We’ve been whining about this for too long now. It’s impossible they didn’t see it. They just don’t care or they disagree. We have to come in terms that Viki itself wants and promotes ratings on a show as early as possible. If they actually really hated people rating something even before watching (like we do), they would’ve already set in place a system where that would not be allowed.

Sorry for the poopy mood.


I saw Goblin on another site before I joined Viki. So I could vote on the show even though it’s new here and maybe that is what others have done as well. At least that is what I assume when I see a new show with ratings.


I consider a new show one that has yet to be aired on on TV/Sites. Those I think should not be allowed to be rated upon till we get a first episode. I agree with irmar about the problem with "because “oppa is in it” voting. But for shows that have been out already and new to viki, the rating should be allowed, especially since someone who has seen it, can give their feedback.


Definitely! That’s what I also wrote, if you noticed. That if they have completed airing on TV in their home country, it’s okay for ratings to open.
I’ve also written quite a lot of reviews on dramas that aren’t here yet, but I’ve watched “elsewhere”.


It shouldn’t be possible to rate a drama before it has aired.


So basically what we would like as a way to handle rating:

  1. Don’t allow rating of dramas not aired anywhere yet
  2. Add to the Flag drop-down list a “Not a review” item
  3. Make the Information bar a bit more visible (the blue bar over the number of episodes)
  4. Use a banner on main image for shows that are only translated in English

Does anyone remember how many flags does a rating need to get before it is removed? I think it was 7?
It seems that majority of the people who down-vote shows are those who only speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I know it s a lot of work for those who work on Viki, but would be nice if the information topics like:

could have a translation too in those three languages at least. Of course, this will only work on the limited number of people who actually take time to read and get informed but it is better than nothing and might cut down on the low ratings.

I do known that unfortunately no matter what, no one can do much about those that feel entitled to everything just because they are paying for it. Or demanding that the volunteers who subtitle in their language, do it faster. They make me think of three year olds throwing temper tantrums. :laughing: I try very hard not to post comments like “if you have enough time on you hands to down-vote every show because they lack your language’s subtitles and leave the same messages in the comment section, you could try to use that time to learn English like many of us have”. :yum:




Yes, there are some people that counter the false low ratings before the show airs by putting false high ratings. Both are a problem.


The Viki Support pages exist for sure in Spanish and maybe even in French. However, not all pages have been translated from English to Spanish.

There were also suggestions that, before you start writing a review, a window pops up explaining what is and what isn’t a review.


Maybe not allow a user to rate the show if it is not licensed or if the preferred language for the user is unavailable in the show.
I know this may limit the ability to give ratings for people who may have watched the shows on a different site and would like to rate it here, but I guess these people are a minority compared to the vast amount of people who rate the show bad for lack of license or subtitles.


I don’t agree with that. What do you mean “the preferred language for the subber”? Someone may have a preferred language, but if that language is not available, also be able to watch in English, even if their English is not perfect.
And, as you said, many of us have watched the show elsewhere. I have written plenty of reviews for shows when they were not available on Viki yet.
For instance, I had written about Secret Romance “Don’t be so desperate that Viki doesn’t have the license, you’re not missing anything, the show is terrible” Then after a year or so Viki got the license, LOL. To think that they paid good money for that, ugh!