Big Boss Season 7 (Indian Variety Show) - TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED

Hi, I’m the CM of new channel Big Boss season 7, which is a reality tv show which will release in a week or so. It’s about a bunch of celebrities who are put into one house and have to survive for 90 days, with eliminations every week, the final one standing wins it all.

We are looking for:

MODS (open all languages)
SUBBERS - English-Hindi !!! And other languages too

To find out more about it you could check out a collection of all the promos (which are pretty funny) and see whether you’d enjoy helping out

You can find more info on the channel itself:

Have a nice day ^^

Hi, I am free on the weekends and can sub from Hindi-English. Sorry I was going to PM you but my message sys is not working at the moment. Let me know if you need help. Thanks

I can help with English-Spanish subs if needed.

that’d be awesome, the show will start airing on sept 15th so the videos will be uploaded on the 16th
I’m still looking for segmenters, but it should be able to start on time
Don’t worry, I know that there was some viki bug going around
you’re more than welcome to the BB7 team ^^

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great, you’ll be our first spanish subber, but I’m already telling you that it’s important that the show is first segged, and subbed 90%-100% before you can start subbing
other than that Welcome to the BB7 team!! ^^

Hello :smiley: Thanks. Yeah, I would love to help out! So if you could add me to the team, I can start once the episodes are uploaded ^o^

Awesome, Welcome to the BB7 team!!! I’ll PM all the subbers when they’re available (also have to be segmented) ^^

I can help with the English-spanish subs as well

That would be awesome, make sure to read through the subbing guidelines and wait for everything to be subbed a 100% because some subs might get changed etc. (I’m making a document at the moment so I’ll send that out when it’s okay for other languages to start, okay?) ^^

Welcome to the BB7 team!!! ^^

thanks! :slight_smile:

i would love to help you on subbing and segmenting… pm me if you are running low on volunteers…