BL dramas on viki and TharnType the series recommandation

Hello vikicommunity members and viewers all around the world,

I would like to speak about a new kind of dramas that started to appear on viki recently: Boys Love. As you all should know Viki has licensed some bromances and BL recently, like: Dive, Untamed (based on a BL novel), Method, History (1, 2, 3), Pornographer 1 and 2 (fan channels), Heroin addicted (some time ago), Love O2O (bromance), Tomb of sea and many more dramas in different countries.

Now, I would like Viki to get the license of a great Thailand BL series who has an impressive achievement right now, TharnType The Series. This series offers us a great scenario with twists at each episode. It’s based on a BL universe novel written by a successful Thai author, Mame. Actors have incredible chemistry. This series fuels controversy because it addresses serious things such as homophobia, sexual abuse on the dark sides… But also, love beyond gender, acceptance of change through love and tolerance. A love who will heal wounds, who will help to open minds and improve the human beings that we are. At each episode, we go through all emotional states: from laughter to tears, from anger to tenderness. For me, this is the best BL series of the year.

Synopsis of TharnType (Mydramalist source): Type is a tall and handsome freshman. Although he’s a warm boy, he is homophobic because he was molested by a man as a child. His life turns up side down when the new year of college brings along a very interesting person in his life, a gay roommate, Tharn. Tharn, is a very handsome music major with mixed features. He is also openly gay. With a gay guy and a guy who hates gay men, that have to share a small space together for the rest of the year — what can possibly be the outcome of their story? Hatred? Or maybe love?

More information here:

This series has already received millions views in Thailand and around the world. We would like to watch this series on viki. We don’t have a Fan Channel for now but we would like to have one + license. For that, please help us by fill out this form bellow for asking Viki about this request:

Title Name * TharnType The Series

What country is this title from? * Thailand

Content Type * TV show

What country are you from? * Your country

We would like to see more BL on viki. And we would like to have more Thai and Japanese dramas (BL, GL or not).

Let’s live and love who we want, regardless genders!

Vikicommunity, what do you think about that?


Hello, my english is not so good, sorry for that § Like my friend said, you also have some BL but it’s very frustrated to not see more BL on your site. So much BL deserve to be knowing for the history, the values, the love they show to us. So please, please, please, make the difference and work hard to have more BL. Thank you all and fighting :kissing_heart:

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Yes, there are great movies like Grey Rainbow, and Red Balloon.


Il think also to Long time no see, Present perfect, Ai no kotodama, No touching at all, Candy and kiss and Yes or no and Girl’s love for the girl’s love :blush:

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I didn’t watch these ones but there is the serie iLGBT (short movies) about all the community LGBTQ+.

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I want TharnType the series on Viki, it’s the best BL this year !!!


TROP BIEN! Oui j’aimerais beaucoup qu’il est plus de drama Bl et surtout Tharntype!

Merci a Wiki! >w< J’ai trop hâte!

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Love TharnType, but let’s not forget 2 Moons 2, and other BL tv shows from Thailand. Theory of Love is another one. Fathers is another. Method is a Korean BL drama and I would love to see it. Viki has the potential to be the number one spot to watch BL and I am here for it. Go suggest different shows for them. Let’s spread the love of BL.

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As there will be soon the movie Method on Viki, there is another great korean BL movie : Long Time No See.


But my goal today is TharnType The Series because we have no BL thai on Viki and because of the filming and the acting.:heart::heart::heart:

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woooww I’d love to see more BL series here, there are a lot of series and Thailand has the biggest list of them and most of them are loved by internationals fans who most of the time has difficulty on finding subs.

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I agree, TharnType is indeed a fabulous BL serie, I really hope it will be uploaded on Viki, I mean… it would be really a lost if not… and I can’t wait to see and work on it!!! I’m sending daily requests! :heart::heart::heart:
BL series are so emotional and intense… you can get the sense of what the real love is and I mean… the love you can have toward another person for what he/she is, for the person and not the gender, I mean! That’s the beautiful message I always got from this kind of series and that’s because I’m kind of addicted to them! :blush::heart:

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Thank you for loving TharnType the series. :heart::heart::heart:

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Yes definitely want to see more BL series here. I have watched as many as I can find. I love the HIStory series and would love to see more. TharnType is also one of my favorites and I rewatch all the time.

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I am happy to see some BL lovers like me

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The serie has ended this week with the special episode… I’m convinced more then ever that it deserves A LOT to be on viki… it’s so great in many ways and the two leader actor have a chemistry out of the chart… I love them… love the serie… really… pls help to get it on viki, it’s a fabulous serie!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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