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So you like BL too?
Yep - Yep and Yeppers! Double the hotties! Right!
I didn’t realize they were geared towards woman - did I read that right?

I have Color Rush in my watchlist To My Star is in my Re-Watch Collection I really liked it.


Yes, that’s right.

I have not even seen those yet! :open_mouth:

Did you watch the movies Present Perfect and Present Still Perfect? They are based on a true story and very touching. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nope! I will add to my list

Oh my GOSH - I LOVED To My Star!!!


Yes, they are. That’s why you see a whole lot more BL than GL :slight_smile:

From somewhere in the web:
It may be new to your ears, but BL — or Boys’ Love — has actually been around since the 70s. Originating in Japan, they were formerly also called “yaoi.” These romances between beautiful boys ( bishounen , in Japanese) or beautiful young men ( biseinen ) were originally featured in media catered to young female audiences, particularly in comics or manga. According to Kristine, “It was mostly out of personal interest by young female creators who were trying to push the boundaries of women’s comics. Many of these women found creative liberties in using young men’s bodies because, at that time, men had more liberties than women.”


well thank you for helping me understand what y’all are talking about.



I’m new to the bl webtoons’ world… Could you recommend to me anything interesting to read? I’ve been scrolling through tapas for a while and haven’t found anything yet 'cause there’s a lot of stories there haha


@kdrama2020ali Did you like Method? I understand why it’s listed as a BL, but it’s not really. I guess anything with a gay character is considered BL? Antique (Which has Kim Jae Wook) falls in that hole too, not a typical BL but has a gay character.

I hadn’t realized that at first, but the more of them I see, the more I realize they are mostly written by women.

I’ve been watching this genre quite a bit lately and it finally hit me why I like them. They rarely have the two characters I hate most, the vindictive love rival (although she shows up in a few) and the horrid mother.

I started a collection with one of my kids in mind, she uses my account from time to time and I told her if she wants to watch a BL drama to choose from the collection I made, she’s very innocent and doesn’t like too much skinship, let alone scenes like the first few minutes of… I think it was episode 7 of HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count


I did not watch Method, just a really good clip, but although it seems that the character - actors might not have been “gay” they seemed to fall in love with one another. It looks like a good movie. I liked To My Star. I did not realize they were geared towards women - well I like them. I like any love shows and I don’t care if its BL. I actually have recently started watching more BL and really like them.

Did you watch To My Star the movie! I LOVED the characters and the love story

PS @sweetybirdtoo I missed you! I have not seen you on our “guys with moves”

I LOVE Kim Jae Wook in Antique


New Drama - Tdrama - there is a SIDE BL going on! I actually love it. One character is kind of insensitive about the other - until I think maybe they start to have feelings for one another - don’t know yet as only a few EPS in. But it looks like a budding BL story on the side


I’ve watched all the dramas on Viki that are in the BL category, I’ve only missed You Make Me Dance the movie, but I watched the drama as it was being released.

I have a chronic illness, I have days and weeks where I’m just not up to listening to music or commenting, I’m often lurking though. :slight_smile:


1000 Stars :star_struck:
2gether, etc…
So many good ones


Well, just know that you were missed and I was worried! I’m really sorry to hear that! I’ll know that you are lurking in the background.

Quess WHAT I had already made a comment in your collection a month ago! hahahaha! I was stalking you @sweetybirdtoo


Sorry to hear that. Hope you get a miraculous healing. I have my good days and bad days and hoping for a miracle cure too. Nothing is impossible for science that is so advanced in our days.


I loved 2gether & Still 2gether, I haven’t watched 1000 Stars yet, but there certainly are some good ones out there

2 Moons
Until We Meet Again
Why R U? (I’ve got a NSFW note on this one, I don’t remember the exact reason)


Watched them all and yes good ones


Just an observation but why are the BL kisses WAY better than most DRAMAS! Just saying!kiss%201


This is just speculation…

Some regular dramas are so blaa in the kiss department because of their time slot, they have to be very conservative.

BL are by their nature not considered conservative so they can push the boundaries a little further.

I’m going to also guess that it has to do with there not being a girl involved, girls are typically brought up to be more conservative, so skinship and kissing are more awkward and embarrassing, especially with light, cameras, and who knows how many people watching.


I think it is direction also. So I was not very happy with the kisses in CLOY - I loved the show but so press worthy. But those two actors have kissed better in other dramas, for just an example.
The kiss in Mr. Queen was AWESOME and then you see another drama where the boy kisses and the girls eyes are wide open - I just wanna slap the director

I mean MINHO in Legend of the Deep Blue Sea went all OUT kiss. So You never know and I am all about the KISS girl or boy or girl or BL or whatever (sorry I just finished Vincenzo and I am all out happy and sad and weird at the same time)


Some series that I subscribed are magic word, what you wish for, Kiss tastes like summer, lin’s aviary,howling woods , Ghost lights , the Villain emperor’s gotta charm the main lead. I hope :crossed_fingers: it helps :slight_smile: