BL fan club / fan chat on Viki


I’m just about to start episode 8 of 1000 Stars, from the preview I think my heart is about to be broken. :sob:


Thanks a bunch! <3


I am new to the BL series really enjoyed the tharntype and history 4 close to you( I cried so much) and history trapped.


I watched all BL on Viki and many others on YT, Gagaolala, … I also read BL and GL Books.


BL lover here. I’ve been so busy lately, but I try to keep up on my viki work. Why did I just now find out about this topic when it’s been active since 2020?


Anyone started this one?


I just started to watch this. I have to wait for epi 3 now.


not yet so many others I am watching, but I do plan to watch it, maybe I can get to first episode this week


I did! I watched the first two eps as soon as they were released. It seems to be worth watching it (At least I enjoyed it). I have great expectations for this show and I missed Aaron so bad :blue_heart:


Awesome! Thanks!


I just stared watching


Be Loved In House - I started the 1st Eps! I like that this a short eps drama - The OCD issue is going to be interesting - they are overusing the sound effects a little though. Ok - so this one is a little more cutesy than (To My Star). Not sure about it yet


Just watched HIStory 4: Close to you and loved it.


watch it twice.


Thanks for the like. I cried so much.


I have not watched the HIStory series yet I heard one of them is really sad
Are they all SAD


to a point yes also happy endings too.


Hello everyone. Greetings from India. My introduction to Yaoi/ Shonen Ai was nearly 15 years back when I was doing my graduation. The first series that I watched that got me hooked to this genre was Zetsuai. First few years were all about manga and anime. For a long period I stuck to Japanese. I came across my first drama Takumi Kun The rest is History I was introduced to Thai BLs by a colleague of mine. Not to bad mouth the language but I could not stand Thai language but slowing got used to it. My first Thai BL was Sotus.

There is a lot more to say but some other day. Have a happy week.


You should! You’re missing out! :wink:

And I would say that they don’t hold back from touchy topics, but they send out a positive message in the end. :slight_smile:


My CRAZY is about 20 shows right now! I will definitely add it to the watchlist