BL Forum (18+)

  1. Drop your Fav BL Manhwa/ga/hua, &/or K/Thai/Tai- Drama
  2. What your currently watching
  3. Recommendations?
  4. Wanna watch 2gther?

P.S. I put 18+ in the topic bcuz I’m 22 and will not be leading anyone under 18 astray. I am not responsible for you kiddies.

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Hi :wave: nice to meet you.

  1. Me Fav Manhwa is Painter of the night, fav kdrama is Semantic error.
  2. I’m watching of manhwas Jinx, and in Kdrama Where your eyes linger.
  3. I recommend Manhwa Painter of the night and Bj Alex.
  4. And yes I see 2gether😉

Hi :wave:t5:
I see you have taste.

  1. I’ve already read POTN & BJ Alex, also reading Jinx atm
  2. I’ve watched and read Semantic Error, I’ve alrdy watched where your eyes linger (loved it)
  3. Are you 18+ (16 is the lowest i’ll go :sob:) and open to Thai BL, I’m currently watching this BL Series but it’s a bit more mature (nth too crazy tho) if you want we can watch it 2gther so let me know.
  4. Where are you from? I’m from Canada

Love your pfp GOJO is bae

  1. :open_mouth:Where did you read Semantic error?

  2. Yes i 19 old, I haven’t seen many Tdramas (because there are many and I don’t know which one to start with) but I accept recommendations :wink:

  3. I’m from Guatemala :slightly_smiling_face:

P.s. Thanks💕, i like the anime too.

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  1. You can read Semantic Error on the app Manta. it has paid sub but you don’t have to subscribe to read you just have to wait until it’s free/available, (new chapters).
  2. Have you just started watching BL?
  3. How about we try the first episode and see if you like it and if you don’t we can change. You’re gonna have to get used to the Thai language tho it might sound weird at first but the more you watch the less weird it sounds. It’s just a matter for exposure.
  4. You wanna try the first episode now or some other time?
  1. Thank for the information😉

  2. No, but I don’t watch many Tdramas, I watch more Kdrama, Jdrama or Cdrama.

  3. Ok, but where do we see it? :thinking:

I have a site that we can use to watch it 2gther. I could just paste the invite link in here if you want. the series is called Bed Friends.
This is the invite link for the watch party, just enter the pin and send a message in the chat when you’ve joined

Join my party on Watch Party!
Party Name: Bed Friends
Party Pin: 1010
อย่าเล่นกับอนล I Bed Friend Series EP.1 [1/4] - YouTube

Get Watch Party at https:\

I already joined but I can’t write in the chat

Try again not sure why

can you send me the link again?

Let’s just use this one, I’ll figure the other one out another time


Even though I can’t send messages, I’m seeing it. I tell you what I think. :wink:

Let’s just use this one, I’ll figure the other one out another time, when you’ve joined this one let me know


There’s just too many let’s narrow it down
Do you want soft/fluff or more mature?
Do you like one’s that are bit more emotional?

Soft, it’s ok and funny :slight_smile:

Lol I was about to give you choice between 3 mature ones had to retract :sob:
This one is cute and fluff and from Taiwan
About Youth

1.My favorite bl drama currently is bad buddy - thai bl drama
2.I am currently watching boss and babe - thai bl drama
3.I would love to recommend ‘i told sunset about you’, ‘cherry magic’, ‘life on line’ etc.
4.and yes I have watched together


I have watched your reccs alrdy. I am in love with I Told Sunset About You. Have you tried Only Friends it just ended.