[BL] Secret Crush On You - Looking for Languages Moderators

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I’m so honored for received this sweet channel, and for the ones that love BL series, I’ll be very enchanted to give an oportunity for you! To do the subtitles write for your language moderator, if you want to be a moderator send me a mensage!

Languages with moderators
Portuguese | Spanish | French | German | Polish | Hungarian | Italian

Secret Crush On You
Secret Crush On You | Thailand | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

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Marcela S2

Olá,eu gostaria de participar da equipe como moderador “Português”

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Oiii, infelizmente foi uma das primeiras posições preenchidas :pleading_face: Mas ainda há vagas para a equipe de tradutores.

Moderador de Português

Espero que dê certo :blush: