Blood-kdrama 2015

OMG I can’t wait for this drama… trailer looks promising >.<


I am HOOKED already ep 1 and 2 were a great start…

I loved him as the little brother in MLFTS and You’re All Surrounded so looking forward to him playing the main lead…and it’s about VAMPIRES soooooooo I wanted to watch it before I even saw the trailer :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK! So I watch the first episode and I liked it a lot.
A little scifi super natural, quasi medical, rom com mix. . . I think I’m going to enjoy it.

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I’m counting down the hours til Monday comes though probably won’t be able to find it subbed til Tuesday :frowning:

Yep, this will be my first vampire or SciFi k drama so I am excited. I will probably watch this weekend.


Just finished watching it. I am in…hook, line, and sinker. Wow, Gu Hye Sun looks different in this one. I love her as an actress. She was in the first drama I saw called Pure in Heart or Heart 19. I must say I am extremely impressed with the male lead. The acting has been on point from him and ‘teen’ him. I don’t want to spoil here but I will say that several actors are putting in good performances here. I think Hyun Woo is funny and sweet too. I am excited to see where this one is going.

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I can’t week for this weeks eps :slight_smile:

I just love their chemistry. Gu Hye Sun feels very different from her Boys over Flowers role, I love her much better here. I cannot even fathom that she is the same girl who played that role. I am excitedly waiting for the fourth episode to be subbed. I love this drama and I am very excited for the direction it seems to be going.

Fave scene to date…cracked me up

Though I miss watching it on viki I can totally see someone commenting “I want to be that ice cube…”

hatd to believe he is that same actor in MLFTS

polar opposite personalities :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to next week…

…well…I love her too…very much…but not for this role :frowning:

I really love that both the first male and female leads are extremely arrogant! Probably not a lovable trait but I’m diggin’ it.

It’s funny… I was watching the show thinking. . . I’ve seen this guy somewhere… I just. . . can’t put… my finger… MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR! no way!

I like him much much better here.

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His side kick looks soooooooooo familiar to me too but I can’t for the life of me place where I’ve seen him that robot he made… giggles cracks me up!!! I love you :stuck_out_tongue:

I read somewhere that they are saying her portrayal of Ri Ta is controversial? I don’t see how? I guess it is a matter of prospective. I have to finish the article to see the hoopla. I am watching it because of the lead, side kick, the super villain, and just fining out what all is really going on in that hospital. Plus, the whole vampire thing is cool! :smile:

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controversial? How? I’m enjoying her performance.

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Me too. I read it has something to do with how she delivers the lines. People see her delivery as purposefully not enunciating her words. It seems silly to me. The article actually gets on both leads. I hope they don’t change anything to appease a handful of disgrutled viewers. Like you said, I am enjoying it immensely.

The only scandalous thing she has done is change her name to Catholic name of Rita :smile: Maybe the next ep is of her attacking the poor boy!!! Now I’m really looking forward to this weeks eps!!! LMFAO

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It is getting better and better. They need to up the romance a bit but everything else is on point. Does anyone know if it is still getting 20 episodes? If it ends the 3rd week of April then that is 18 episodes, I think.

Hardly ever do they retract the number of episodes. Actually, I haven’t heard of a single instance. The show was originally supposed to have 20 episodes. If it has more, the usage of flashbacks/ reminiscence about the past will be a sure thing.

omg, love this one. soooo hooked.