Bored with dramas?

oh my goodnes I never thought I would even think or say it, but I am, so I have decide to do some baking, more crocheting & gardening. and with it going to be HOT today, guess staying inside is best for today


I don’t think it’s so much we’re bored with dramas is that no one is making a story plot that is different from what they always write. Like even on Ntfx they are using the same stories in dramas from all over the world!

About the end of the world; they have over 10 movies (different countries) same story is either a meteor, aliens, zombies or a deadly virus. if is romance same story; 2 guys in love with same girl and she always leaves poor second devoted guy over first guy that dumped her first!

The zombies? One or two ppl survive and keep looking for other survivors that we never know if they really exist.

The nuns? They have 3 stories about nuns and they are practically the same story, different country/language.

We definitely need new writers that can create a mix of action packed scenes with real love scenes (bc of pandemic they don’t even hug!). They can make the scene with mannequins and computerized to make the scene ‘‘look’’ real.

When is HOT outside and going out is dangerous I go in front of my A/C and start looking at my papers, and shred what I no longer need around. I put the YT on my TV and hear christian songs or prayer videos. The church in my area are closed (don’t know why). This gives me an opportunity to feel like I went to church. Need to repent of my sins.


you hit the proverbial nail on the head!! yeah gospel songs awesome I can listen to a lot opf sermopns from different churches other than the one I attend.


yeah there’s nothing new or refreshing it’ mostly just the same old plots and cliches… also I think we’re all just down because of the lockdown thing. I remember feeling exactly like this after Who Are You School 2015 it was so disappointing and I almost swore off kdrama forever.


Ah, so someone else feels the same! I’ve been trying to finish dramas that I’ve started, but I’m not feeling it lately. I’m gravitating towards the older dramas because they seem like the beginning of the cliches found in dramas nowadays, but that is what makes them interesting for me.

I also have been putting on music when I’m not in the mood for dramas, and I discovered new singers and songs! Always a fun thing to do :smiley:

I really hope it’s just because of this crazy year and not just me. I love dramas! I thought something was seriously wrong when I started to not feel excited sitting down and watching a drama.


I know they’re the beginning of most tropes, but somehow, I just CAN’T stand old dramas, with all the old school cringe, pointy bangs and bad resolution. Honorable mention to My Love From The Star where I was irritated to no end by the main lead’s hairstyle: a blanket of hair over his forehead. Some kdramas just don’t age well. Half the ‘classics’ are just cringey now.

yeah I know! I’ve even got a Prime and Disney+ subscription but I feel like I’ve watched everything there is to watch


I have to admit, when I first watched some classics, my impression of the hairstyles wasn’t too great. However, I’ve grown to like those hairstyles and honestly, I actually prefer them over the hairstyles in vogue nowadays. Not just in dramas, but in older Kpop, around 10 years old or so. The longish hairstyle would seem out of place with all the short cuts now, but I think that they have their own charm.

:smile: I can see your point, yeah, some can be cringey, but that’s what makes them so human to me. Plus, there’s a sentimental value to classics. For example, my mom and I were discussing a Soviet cartoon that she and I used to watch as children (I found out that YT has the episodes). It was started in 1969 and the last episode was made in 2006. Anyways, my younger sister, who has never watched it, couldn’t understand why we were so excited about that cartoon. She watched a few minutes of one of the episodes and she said that it was cringey. Watching it now, I suppose it could be thought of as cringey, but I still don’t see it that way. The old music, the old animation, the old atmosphere from the drama immediately brought me back to when I was a little girl. In a way, classics feel timeless (well, the good ones, anyway).


oh yeah I have started watching the older ones. like princess hours, my princess, and prince hours, also a bunch of others, classics. and you mentioned the hairstyles? I always wondered why they had their hair over their foreheads and in their eyes, cringy? that too!!

great to know others “feel” the same way! maybe it cause of this year, and the writers aren’t helping matters, I think they just throw stuff out there and the drama is produced. well maybe we are down cause of the lock down, but I sure hope something will come along to get us out of this slump!

and like what angelight 313 said, come on how about some new plots! maybe like tomb raiders, (ok an american drama) but to be sure theres stuff to explore in the area from China, Korea, Japan and taiwan, and if I missed anyone please forgive!

the young man that found that ;lost tomb, , and why not those caves I see in those history channel documentaries, there are stories out there, and dare I even say atlantis? why not Shangra la? so I am a mysterious buff, even scifi, and I do apologize, again look at my name and you can see why I go this route. JUST WISH i could BE A WRITER, anyway, thanks all for your responses, so glad to know I am not the only one that feels this way. Need new blood wheres the vampire when we need them,?

have a great & blessed day y’all


Yes, I agree! I would like to see a Taiwanese drama about the culture of the indigenous Taiwanese and maybe how it compares and contrasts with the mainstream culture in Taiwan. Maybe China could do the same.

I wonder if there is a Japanese tomb raider drama?:thinking: Tomb raider dramas are fun for me, I get to learn some history and geography while watching entertainment.


I am sure there is something like that somewhere, a guy archeologist finds something unique, and his assistant helps him with it. and of course we have to get the bad guys involved, they try to steel it from them, to get the credit.

wouldn’t it be neat a guy like Harrison ford come about, and discovers the item? even me describing it sounds neat what artifact in your countries, would be facinating to find?

theres mention of it, but no one knows for sure if its real or not… and lets say its a woman that finds it instead of a man, uh oh my imagination is coming out!! but why not? heheheheh ok I will stop,
y’all have a great & blessed day



also I think we’re all just down because of the lockdown thing.

That is a contributing factor for ‘‘all of us’’ not feel the same way about watching k-dramas. The monotony of watching dramas ANY TIME we want. Before we had to wait to come home from work or from doing our daily duties.
But main reason is that they are rushing through the dramas, and of course we no longer see the much awaited ‘‘kiss’’ or ‘‘romantic scenes’’ in the dramas which it’s a bummer!

It happened with Mystic Pop up Bar they only did 12 episodes so it felt like they rushed the ending part (most important part in my opinion). There was no romantic scene between two main lead which I was looking forward to see …:confounded::confounded::cry::cry:

The worse part for me is that I saw an article where they were questioning if Hwang Jung Eum was still alive (I don’t know if she got sick during filming SHE was extremely skinny now but still looks gorgeous). If anyone can dig up something please let me know I’m worry about her. She’s a great funny/pleasant to see actress.

The other factor I blame on loss of interest in dramas, and no MOTIVATION to enjoy watching dramas; to see the main girl in a drunken scene although we have over and over again complain how much we detest those scenes (at least I do). I have to skip them bc they bring up my blood pressure. They not only get them drunk, they are experts in making ‘‘bomb’’ drinks that can knock anyone. To this day I have never seen a male lead making this bomb drinks, and acting like a fool drunk and having to be carried in a PIGGY RIDE!. ENOUGH!!! of those scenes already.

What I did noticed that the same writers, directors are in many of this drama. It could be a combination of 2 writers and different directors (it seems SK have no new Directors or writers). BUT the main reason we are getting tired of this dramas is that they use the same actors over and over again. Only recently we see a few different young faces but rest of cast are the same ones we see in hundreds of drama. Tell you the truth the older actor need to retire already and give this space to a new face already.

On NTFX all you see is the older actors/actress in so many dramas in one day alone, and they don’t even change their looks; so they don’t let the drama feel like you’re watching something new. They need new older actors/actress to see a new face at least.

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Absolutely. As someone who has zero interest in romance it is already incredibly hard to find a new drama to watch because nowadays seemingly every drama has to have all those cringy and annoying romances that don’t really fit with the drama, the actors have no chemistry, etc. I have no peoblemt with female roles but 99% are annoying to watch and contribute nothing to the actual drama. I just watch Ancient detective for example and it started so promising, But then romance and boom! I had to skip 60% per episode because I didn’t want to watch all this love stuff happen…So yeah…I will stop watching dramas for a while and watch more animes because there I have so many animes to watch without romance, annoying women, or unnecessary plot additions…



[ANCIENT DETECTIVE] This is the worst I’ve seen. By the second episode about 4 of the characters died. I stopped by half of the 3rd. episode. So fed up of their loveless dramas and everyone dying. Watch how main leads will die too.

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At least she’s in a recent drama … :thinking:

Why not start a new music topic with nice Christian music? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I tried finding info about her with no luck. I can’t believe she’s in another drama that’s awesome but…I’m not fond of her main lead in the romance department and I hope we don’t see another ‘’ UNDATEABLE’’ disaster. She’s one of those actress that needs a MATCHING lead actor to make the drama work.

About christian music post I don’t know if they will accuse me of breaking the guidelines rules, and try to put a [hold] on my account, like they did before. There are some ppl here who declared themselves Atheist and I don’t doubt are capable of ‘‘flagging–’’ my post like they love to do around here so much.


That’s a good question … the restriction is on discussing religion, maybe just posting songs without getting into religious topics would be acceptable? Music can be enjoyable for everyone after all. @mariliam


I was watching ‘‘To all the guys Who loved me’’ up to 3rd episode and it was sooooooo boring (I hope it improves) that I was knocked out, and start dreaming that zombies were after me, and I was so skilled in avoiding them, and in that dream I have a son who looks like a sumo wrestler and comes running (he went to the store) and tells me he’s never leaving the house, and I say in my mind ‘‘if this coward giant won’t go out, I’m not doing it either.’’ In the dream the zombies were easy to evade bc they were very slow but once they got you, you was history lol


You should sell the movie rights of that dream to Viki! :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


yeah, that’ll be fun! :blush:


loved your “drama”! hehehe and about the christian music, I am all for it, but others may not, then some will come in and bash or whatever,