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Dae Yeop must not die! Free Dae Yeop!

If he dies, then I’m out! :rage:

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What a wild ride from beginning to end. Scene to scene evoked emotions that made you want to yell, laugh, or cry and maybe even all of the above while hoping you don’t look too crazy. The writing has been superb with not just the main characters but the side as well. Love seeing the different relationships slowly growing with time and trust.

Plot wise ep. 15 was more slow but I like that it highlighted the women in the drama and the different aspects of strength and fragility although I missed seeing the Aunt. Hoping she appears in the last 4 episodes and we find out the secret about Dae Yeob’s birth.

Sis-IL is a hoot with her wittiness and is a good companion for the MIL. Both have grown on me and I love that they both acknowledged their fondness for Soo Kyung before they found out she is the Princess. It’s hilarious how Sis-IL calls out her mother for her actions in the beginning and how MIL feigned ignorance that she ever treated the Princess anything but good. It’s more realistic than the three getting along so well from the start when they didn’t even know each other. Also, MIL’s concern for Cha Dol’s adulthood is understandable. She knows what it’s like to live the life of a low commoner and how difficult it is. She’s merely protecting him from a life that their family lived.

Don’t care for Cha Dol’s birth mother but I do not wish her death especially at the hands of Yi Cheom. The greedy woman needs to get lost and never try to get involve in her child’s life. It’s obvious Cha Dol has no memory of her and her presence is taking a toll on his emotional health.

Hoping that Dae Yeob and Ba Wu can set aside their ill feelings toward each other and work together to take down Yi Cheom and Won Yeob. Fate has made them enemies but the past episodes showed their good side and how much their willing to save the other.

Second lead syndrome has hit an all time high. His story arc and character has so much depth and the actor plays him perfectly. His character development of a naive love fool to a King’s henchman and his father’s ally while trying to be the upstanding and conscientious man he wants to be has been perfectly written and acted. His hero/savior complex can be his downfall. Still can’t help thinking of how this will all end for him.

I missed the BIL and Princess interactions and although heartbreaking it was a mature way for the two to completely move on with their lives. Hopefully Dae Yeob’s broken heart will start to mend.

The King and Ba Wu drinking together reminded me of FIL and Son-IL drinking scenes that just never ends well for either as they keep trying to out drink one another and do the most silliest and embarrassing thing possible. Ba Wu did just that and was lucky that the Royal Guard didn’t unsheath his sword lol.

Ba Wu and Soo Kyung’s short reunion was beautiful. Their gratitude towards each other for keeping a promise and coming back alive was completely heartfelt. Even for a short moment their embrace makes all the chaos around them seem small. The scene fits them well given that the Princess identity remian a secret. And how perfect was Ba Wu’s confession?

Soo Kyung, what a well rounded FL. Her intelligence and calm during a chaotic moment when the ex shows up, says a lot. She knew that it could wait and it was more important to save Ba Wu. I would have slapped the ex or given her a piece of my mind but it would only draw attention to their residence. The ending, she’s clearly no longer the quiet Princess, who kept her head down. Enjoyed that she was the one who opened the door and met him at the threshold as she looked him dead in the eye.


that’s why i refuse to answer the poll about who does not make it until the end. i do not want to formally acknowdlege the possibility.

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And the winner is …

Please, please don’t let Dae Yeop die! We want a sequel with him or at least lots of roles for Shin Hyun Soo
After I disliked him in between (DY, of course), he has grown so close to my heart!

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watching ep 17, i think there’s a chance that Dae Chul is going to sacrifice himself in order to safe the son of the woman he loves. Thus, I have voed for him in the poll about who is not seeing the end of this drama


Gib’s zu, du opferst gedanklich den armen Dae Chul, damit die Quote erfüllt wird und Dae Yeop leben kann. :wink:

Haben die älteren in Korea nicht immer Vorrang? :sweat_smile: Mir wäre es am liebsten, wenn Yi I Cheom von uns geht. Und auch sein Sohn. Da wäre ich wohl wenig traurig. Ich habe ein Herz für alle unglücklich verliebten. So auch für Dae Chul - aber er hat weniger screen time. Und für ein Dae Yeop-Sequel wird er auch nicht gebraucht :thinking: Also, ja.

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Thankfully they have changed after learning she’s a princess and BaWu’s love confession… Plus she’s a nice girl too.

Although, they didn’t satisfy the “thirsty” viewers who wanted to see Bawu and Sookyung kiss, the self wedding ceremony b/w Bawu and Sookyung in Ep. 18 was so so sweet and beautiful.

Chunbae and Court Lady Jo’s relationship is hilarious and touching at the same time.

Poor Daeyeop went through so much, and loved his character development towards the end.

Everyone’s acting so great, including the evil ones. I also think King Gwanghae’s acting is superb. His portrayal of a cowardly half-mad selfish king is right on-point.

I loved everything about this drama, except for they way they handled Bawu’s first wife. The writer chose the lazy and quick and easy way out to get rid of her without much ado.


We all know that in k-drama, unless you see a corpse being buried (or burned), nothing is 100% sure. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.


I am slacking, I guess I lost interest in the drama

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True! But considering there are only 2 episodes left and she wasn’t that important figure in the drama, I doubt she’d show up again. But then again, you are right. This IS a K-drama, after all. So we will see. :slight_smile:


I feel horrible for both Soo Kyung/Princess Hwa In and Dae Yeop. They were raised and used as pawns for the King and Yi Cheom. Though they had each other growing up and fell in love, his already painful world was crushed once again. The woman he loved for so long not only fell out of love with him but turns out to be his first cousin. Even with that knowledge there isn’t simply an off switch that will make him stop loving her as if they didn’t spend most of their lives together. The only thing he can do for her is send away the woman he loves to remove any temptation. It’s not just that he has to deal with. He’s just found out his whole life is a lie. The aunt he loved and cherished turned out to be his mother, who lied to him every single day of his life. The father he thought he had only raised him to be used as a tool to control the throne. The King he thought was an enemy of his family is actually his uncle. I can’t fathom the emotions his feeling especially when he thinks he doesn’t have anyone by his side. Everything he once knew and cherished is gone yet he still has to keep living. During his talk with Ba Wu he seemed dejected and defeated, all he could muster was to try and help them one last time before all hell breaks lose within the Royal walls once the secret of his birth father is out.

As for his mother, I understand why she did what she did. It was for both of their survival. Even if it was difficult to watch from a distance, she at least had him close by and was able to see him grow. Without her in his life he might have grown up in total control and influence of Yi Cheom. Also, she’s protecting Da Yeop by not telling him that his father was killed by Yi Cheom and it’s also her only leverage on her older brother. Dae Yeop is no match for Yi Cheom. She knows this and sadly, she will do anything to keep her son alive even if it means sacrificing her life.

Basically Wu and Soo Kyung’s “ceremony” was simply beautiful. These two don’t need much as long as they are together and with their loved ones. Their happiness is purely each other’s love. Unfortunately they will both do anything to keep the other alive even if it means their death. As long as Yi Cheom is alive they will always be in danger.

The King is one step away from complete insanity. Yi Cheom is getting the best of him and he’s slowly losing the battle. Thankfully his guard had the right of mind to warn and save Ba Wu and his family.

Was also wondering about Ba Wu’s first wife. She wasn’t kept in the prison where Dae Yeop was locked in and they didn’t show her being killed. Yi Cheom doesn’t kill unnecessarily either.

Hoping that MIL, Sis-IL and Cha Dol makes it alive to the temple. It seems they were sent off without any guards.

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I also feel horrible for Dae Yeop. But it must be said that when he was given a choice to run away with her, he chickened out and refused, letting her get married to another man.
Although he had his excuses (he would lose his family, his connections, his wealth, they would both be chased etc etc…), it is not very strange that her love for him has cooled off. Especially when seeing that a stranger, Ba Wu, is willing to sacrifice all that is important to him and put his life on the line for her sake, when her beloved Dae Yeop wasn’t.
The comparison between the two men’s behaviour must have been crushing.

Yes, Dae Yeop and the princess are to be pitied, but let’s not leave out Ba Wu. He saw his family killed in front of his eyes and lost everything in one day. He had to live for two decades as a fugitive and a tramp, scraping a living as best as he could while hiding his identity. He got married to a woman who tricked him by getting pregnant when he was drunk and who then cheated on him and left him alone to care for a newborn infant… How crappy is that? And now he’s the target of a powerful minister, who is trying to kill him in a different way in each episode.
I think his life has been much, much harder than anybody else’s, both in a practical and in a psychological way.


Ba Wu’s life was pitiful as well but the only reason I didn’t mention him was he was able to make choices for himself. The other two didn’t have much of a choice except for when the Princess proposed to elope. Dae Yeop was right to turn her down, it would have meant death for both. The rest of their lives since then had been sad. The two were merely shells.

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A penniless orphan child had choices? If the monk didn’t take him in, would he even have survived?
A teenager out of the Buddhist convent into the wide world, again, a penniless commoner, had many choices in that era? Did he have any choice when he found himself a single parent? I can assure you from experience that as a single parent - especially if you’re penniless and living hand-to-mouth, your options are very limited indeed.
His problems were not only the deep internal trauma of the cruel deaths, the resentment for the powerful people he felt he could not touch to take revenge from, but mainly the much more practical ones of how to feed himself and his son. So no time to think about lack of romance, about dreams, wishes and whether his existence was empty or not. Saving his life and raising a child took all his time and energy.


He had the freedom of choice. Not saying he had it easy but it’s definitely easy to take for granted that freedom. Dae Yeop and Soo Kyung rarely had the instance to be free to do as they pleased. Sure they didn’t have finances to worry about but at what cost? All three didn’t have perfect lives. All had different issues/problems that can’t be compared to each other as everyone deals with things differently.

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:persevere::disappointed_relieved: Could he not have become a monk??? Mr. Queen Dé·jà-vu

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I am actually fine with that. I never expected a kissing scene, because they already set a very proper setting from the beggining in this regard. This reminded me of K-Dramas from like 10 years ago or older, where they barely kissed in Modern Day Dramas. They set Ba Wu up as someone with so much regard and respect for Hwa In / SooKyung , for her status but also her as a person. To me, it would almost seem odd if they’d kiss in front of a camera - since showing PDA isn’t really a thing of older Korean generations.


Nobody had it easy, neither Soo Kyung, nor Ba Wu, Dae Yeop, Court Lady Choi or whoever. But at this point, Dae Yeop is the most pitiful character to me - especially after Episode 20. The Deja vu is real.

Yes, he chickened out instead of running away with Soo Kyung. He propably didn’t realize at this point, that she was the love of his life. And he was young, he was surpressed. Making a choice like running away is not easy. Especially, if you leave everything behind. Later, he came to regret the priorities he had earlier on. Now, we can all say, he should move on fast. But love is love. And he didn’t do anything against her will, though he was pushy and insufferable - hard to watch really - when it came to his feelings for. But that is, I guess, one of the morals of this story? You should listen to your heart in the first place, always.
On this pain, they put all the family drama. And instead of turning him into a villain, driven by pain, he was still good until the end. It really breaks my heart.