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Repeating myself: I’d like to see Shin Hyun Soo more often!

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The ending was so bitterweet but it was expected. Not only were their fates intertwined but also very similar to each other. Since birth Dae Yeob wasn’t meant to live, for Ba Wu it was when the men in his family were killed and for the Princess it was after she was bossamed. At some point they were able to choose their own fate and live life their own way though there were many obstacles along the way. Unfortunately for one of them it was difficult to overcome a life full of lies and a life he wasn’t meant to live. His death was sad and inevitable but at least he wasn’t alone and was with two people who cared about him.


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It was a beautiful drama, and I’m satisfied with the ending.

But poor Dae Yeop!!! :sob: Dae Yeop has matured so much throughout the drama and pulled on my heartstrings.

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I loved the depiction of the princess’ character and how the bossam allowed it to blossom to its true potential.
She has shown great inventiveness, intelligence and courage, while always staying true to her principles:

  1. Since childhood she was feisty, wanting things that the other little princesses didn’t even dream of: arrow shooting, horse-riding, hunting.
  2. When she was in love with Dae Yeop, she was the intrepid one who suggested elopement, but he chickened out.
  3. When there was no money, she encouraged Ba Wu and Cha Deol to stop robbing houses, by going to work washing dishes at the tavern, and then creating drawings and novels, to bring some food to the table.
  4. The wife certificate scam was her idea, to get them the money needed for the physician to treat the poor.
  5. When the scam went wrong, she went back on horseback and literally lifted Ba Wu onto her horse. A nice reversal.
  6. When Ba Wu was helplessly in prison, she daringly infiltrated her ex-in-laws’ house to get the real ledger of the bookstore, thus saving Ba Wu’s life and reinstating his title.
  7. She visited Kim Ja Jeom on her own, to propose a deal. 55) She boldly asked her father to let her marry Ba Wu, and when she did, she announced it to him.
  8. She taught him how to shoot arrows
  9. She was the one to initiate intimacy, something which led to the wedding, by asking Ba Wu to stay in her room tonight.
  10. She suggested to her father to encourage the Westerners to lead a self-coup as a means to oust the Sinister Minister.
  11. When Ba Wu hesitated in collaborating with Court Lady Kim, she wisely encouraged him to do it, setting aside her own feelings of distaste for that woman, knowing that at that point she could be useful - and lady Kim was indeed useful in helping her meet her mother.
  12. She was the one to suggest the solution to hide in the West Palace.
  13. At the ending scene with her father, she clearly told him that she didn’t appreciate his behaviour towards her. Respectfully, but without mincing her words.

Not one of those helpless heroines, to be sure! She is much more clever and independent than most modern k-drama females.

The only time I found her a bit too meek for my taste was when Brazen Woman came into the picture. Yes, most of it may have been a tactic. She couldn’t make too much fuss because she risked getting thrown out by her mother-in-law at the time. But getting kicked and washing the laundry was a bit too much. However, her ladylike behaviour won her the mother-in-law’s favour in the long run.


OMG, yes! 100% agree with everything you wrote here! I LOVED her character! She is so elegant and wise and loyal and true to herself. She strategizes and takes initiatives, and never compromises her principle. A true heroine! She would have made an excellent king!


The finale had closures for many and it brought out the best in the actors especially with the side characters that wasn’t shown much in the first half. It was a well rounded drama from writing to acting, directing and completed by music and scenery.

It’s not often that a second lead is given their own story arc and given the chance to flourish and grow. Dae Yeop, really pulled at the heartstrings especially in the later half.

I love the portrayal of women this drama. They had flaws as humans but they weren’t shown as weaklings or clutz like many drama. Especially enjoyed watching Soo Kyung and Dae Yeop’s mothers in the last two episodes. They fought a lonely fight protecting their child in a cruel world that only saw them as pawns for control of the throne. They were the epitome of unconditional love and had a lasting impact on their children.

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