Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


Ok You guys have been so HELPFUL. I wanted to finish up my collections with one more!
So tell me what dramas have made you really cry! Goblin and Empress Ki KILL me
Tell me what I need to add! Kdrama, Tdrama, Cdrama whatever

These have some of the BEST acting around!

I have 23 shows so FAR


Kill me Heal me really teared me up:-( Chicago Typewriter was painful to watch as well ahh


I was just adding that one Kill Me Heal Me as you were replying! funny

Oh NO I was excited about Chicago Typewriter I am such a softy I have to prepare myself.



thank you I am so in love with Yoo Seung-ho from I Am Not A Robot. Oh I need to add that one! I cried, such a softy. He is in a couple I saw I have to watch!



this doesn’t end sadly, but every single episode makes me tear up because my heart keeps breaking because of it’s warmth, love and also the helplessness he feels in his state :sob: it also makes me laugh my head off so I really don’t know whether you can count it (P.S: I’m not paid by anyone who produced 18 Again, though the way I am shamelessly promoting it might make you think that :sweat_smile:):


At least these two did it for me, but I think there were more in the past.


Most of the dramas that make me CRY make me laugh! I will add it! Thanks! Aw, not available I requested it.


Thanks I’ll add them


I still cry over “Crash Landing on You” :revolving_hearts: Amazing acting, scenery and story, absolutely loved it!


Is not available where I live :frowning: really want to watch it, Lee Do Hyun is so talented


Saved it! :slight_smile:


My VERY 1st Kdrama. I cannot watch the scene where they handcuff him and he runs back over the DMZ without bawling my eyes out EVERY SINGLE TIME

Although Guardian the Lonely and Great God is my ALL time #1. I sobbed my eyes out on the floor!


hola soy nueva. Escribo desde Argentina, y estoy leyendo algunos temas. el drama que me hizo llorar a mi y sigo llorando cada vez que lo veo GUARDIAN. :cry:


Hi I’m new. I write from Argentina, and I am reading some topics. the drama that made me cry and I keep crying every time I see it GUARDIAN. : cry:

I hope I translated that correctly. Yes, Guardian!!! Is my #1 favorite drama!


si… muy bien tu traducción.


Un drama qui ma fait pleurer :en pensant: Thirty But Seventeen , Le seul amour dont je rêve c’est le tiens , Ichi Rittoru no Namida , Boku no Ita Jikan , Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru et pleins d’autre :sueur_sourire: oui je pleure beaucoup devant les dramas :sueur_sourire:


I love love love 30 but 17


Are movies okay?
3 movies that are really heartbreaking are :

  1. SORI: Voice From the Heart | Rakuten Viki
  2. Silenced | Rakuten Viki
  3. Northern Limit Line | Rakuten Viki

The second and third movie are based on real life events.