Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


My tissue box is always on my night stand whether for sneezing or cleaning but definitely for the weak moments that Asian dramas offer us, it must be my age or since my mom died that I easily sympathize with pain and sorrow of the characters, I feel so sad…

  • Empress Ki ending :sob:
  • Legend of Fuyao last dramatic part :cry:
  • Princess Weiyoung ending :sob:
  • Once Again ahh…
  • Go Back Couple :cry:
  • Princess’ Agents, the part(s) with Shawn Dou was just heartbreaking :sob:
  • 18 Again, I haven’t seen all eps but some parts are sad :anguished:

Would need to scroll through the list in order to remember others… there are so many :wink:


On VIki


Yes MOVIEs are GREAT Thanks Most things make me cry so it’s not hard

I love Gong Yoo I cried for an HOUR after watching A Man and A Woman. So I know Silenced will kill me and he was so passionate about making that.


I love Wookie - Ji Chang Wook - So much that I am not finished with Empress Ki YET! His character is just so darn - oh Lord - I know the ending from a clip - by accident I cried for like 45 min and I have not even finished it yet. I will if my heart can take it.

I cried in High Society cuz Park Hyung Sik just killed it with his chaebol character. But I also cried in I Am Not A Robot! and I cried in Another Oh Hae Young the end surprised me. I have heard that Scarlett Heart Reyo will kill me for an entire year so not sure I’ll adventure to watch that. Goblin is still my #1 sobbing on the floor drama. I am just a softy!

My list so far and I have to add from comments above


Thank you! I am so saving this one then, just finished True Beauty yesterday :):relaxed:
The same here with Cloy, Mr Ri :revolving_hearts:Their relationship is soo beautiful :_)


Hola! Me la han recomendado mucho, creo que la voy a empezar a ver ahorita! :relaxed: Yo tambien soy media nueva, haha, bienvenida

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oh I cried two episodes straight in I’m Not A Robot!! :sob::sob: actually I think there’s something wrong with me, I cry looking at the OST music cover photos of 18 Again :flushed:


The most crying I have ever done in my life over a drama or movie. And they were both dramas where the first episodes were hilariously funny.

And now two more, with plenty of crying but also plenty of frustration and anger at the writers.


These two! And Goblin make me SOB!!!
I could not even watch that scene in this without bawling.
They get emotional too.! It’s just my #1 drama




And I am preparing myself for the SOUL CRUSHING
Scarlet Heart Ryeo


I have cried with Go Ahead.
Its really a good story, but so sad from the begining. When a mother leave his child gives a great suffering, in my opinion that is so dramatic. The male characters suffers a lot, as much father as the sons.


I been trying to find the drama everywhere with no luck! :frowning: not on Netflix, Google Play, Viki or Amazon :sob:


Has anyone mentioned Kangchi, the Beginning?


I added it. It was in two other of my collections! I have not watched it yet!


I was too busy bawling over Goblin clips this morning! I am watching Touch Your Heart and Oh My Ghostess right now


I was reminded of this while we were talking about CJH in the other thread. Have your box of tissues ready.


I think I cry in EVERY drama but not as bad as some!


I love him in Devlish Joy, aw I need to watch that again. And I am watching him in Fated to Love You as the 2nd lead! His eye smile is just so cute! I am sure I will cry in those too! Oh yes, Kangchi I’m really looking forward to watching. I like Lee Seung-gi too.


Yep, he definitely is my celebrity crush. I enjoyed Devilish Joy as well. You will love Kangchi but you are warned that you will be on the floor bawling.


Have you seen this one? Looks like it might be sad