Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


Yes it was but it need to be so it could get to the point it is right now that I have no idea how that’s going to resolve itself. I’m like wondering…:scream:



You gonna love it; the hunks are so cute/gorgeous, you need to see the drama after you go through the trauma of the first episode that is…


What are you currently watching?

This is a movie.

The first few minutes made me question my decision to watch. I thought it’d be another crass flick. But oh it was so GOOD, especially the last half! It felt so good to cry everything out. I wept like a baby.

I love these types of endings. Not hard or tragic at all. Just full of heart, making you think about your own relationships and how much you should treasure them.


chicago%20typewriter%203 crying

Just finished Chicago Typewriter with @my_happy_place
I think I just cried for like 2 hours!!!

The show was SO good!!!


Ditto, my friend. :sob:


this is a movie. but I CRIED… the Guardians’ back story is so SAD :sob::sob::sob: My poor babies Haewonnie and Deok Choon I WANT THEM TO HAVE THE HAPPIEST ENDING EVER!! the entire Goryeo arc was so hard to watch :sob::sob:


Have I mentioned He is Psychometric in this thread?

I HATE sad love stories with a fire. This is the only drama I like torturing myself with. Say the name “Eun Ji Soo” and I will crumple to the floor in tears. Her death was the saddest, most heartbreaking, meaningful scene in the entire drama. It’s one of my top most moving, memorable scenes in Dramaland. I didn’t even care about the main couple :sweat_smile: I love how her life and death changed Kang Seung Mo in the most subtle ways. Especially when he breaks down for the first time in his life, WOW I feel like crying just remembering it. She was the warm, bright light in his life even when he thought he couldn’t feel and it just hurts my heart every time I watch it.





49 Days

When I first watched this I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

There were so many ups and downs while watching. This drama will squeeze your heart.

It taught me the value of ones life and the importance of appreciating what you have while you have it.

:warning: : Prepare a few boxes of tissue.



I finished Jiri-san today. It’s a challenging drama to get through because of how it uses a number of cinematic devices in unique ways.

  • The flashbacks and flashforwards are dizzying.
  • Some characters look and dress enough alike to force rewinding an episode or going back three or four episodes.

But the cinematography is astounding, the character development is awesome, and ultimately, the ending is satisfying. And I think that the actual main character is the love that people have–for family, for culture, for the land of their birth–and how it drives and shapes everyone for better or for worse.

As a result, while I had moments of great confusion, I cried a ton, and it was worth it.


This is a newer one that just recently finished its on-air run, so I will leave it blurred out for now. It’s not that it has an unhappy ending, but there is a particular storyline that leaves even the happy times tinged with a bit of sadness, and I cried buckets. I think I even cried in the very first episode, so I guess I should have known.