Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


i have been bawling my eyes out with Hotel Del Luna :sob: my poor Lee Do Hyun I can’t get myself to finish it so byeeee NO ONE told me LDH was in it and wow I first got a heart attack and then they powdered my poor heart (powdered since it was already shattered by heartless Viki who took I’m Not A Robot from me) so yeah if I don’t get to watch the next episode of 18 Again I will never be seen around again :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I have not watched that yet make sure you hit the spoiler black out button

I’m still not over your “I Am Not A Robot” issue


no spoilers…the entire drama is pretty sad and everyone knows that. haven’t finished the drama, couln’t bring myself to continue…
Also can you STOP attacking me with pictures of my favourite actors :scream: you’ve completely wrecked my list and I feel like a disloyal little idiot :joy::joy:


Ok Ok Ok I’ll stop. Really, you don’t really want me to stop do you??


hehehehehe😅 what can I say, you caught me


I kinda suggest SKY Castle, i love it and its kinda sad.


its on youtube. I hope it helps.


I dont know if you are asking for this drama or another one. If its not this one forget it.


Just cuz we need a little Lee Joon Gi! I found some super sexy photos of him. He’s got a great body! We need a sexy man thread!


I recommend 18 Again. :red_circle::large_blue_circle:


You mean something like this?

It’s actually the 2nd Perverts Club, the first one was actually like a wall paper, haha full of nice pictures anyway, when Viki changed the whole page, all the old discussions were gone with it and for some threads it’s really a pity.


Anyone Watch My Mister???


I cried so much for Love in the Moonlight. It’s definetely one I recommend if you haven’t seen it!


I watched it on drama cool


I kinda want to see that one. One of my friends who has never seen a k-drama wanted to watch it as her first one but I didn’t want her to watch a sad one for her first one.


I love Park Bo Gum! Oh my goodness he is gorgeous in Love in the Moonlight! I have started that one I am not finished yet!

I will have to add it to my Bring Me A Tissue collection I don’t think its in that one


Yep, something Like Oh My Venus would be a good 1st kdrama it is so cute and uplifting.


Hotel del luna is so good!


I don’t easily cry and I cried so much for it! Be prepared!


That one is so sweet and I love it. I’m having her watch Hit the Top with me. It’s another one that made me cry but only because I missed it so much after finishing it.