Bug: Another day, another language

Every day my global language settings for Viki.com change. And Chrome wants to translate it to English. Despite the fact that the page is already in English (because I selected it to be in English). But Viki said yesterday it was in French, and today apparently it’s in German.

When you try to link something from Viki.com into, for example, Facebook, Facebook picks up the show’s “thumb” not in the actual visible language on the site (English for me), but in that mysterious background language. It’s confusing.

I now know the titles of most of my projects in every one of the 5 main languages on Viki :roll_eyes:


I also have this problem. I have put English as main language, but in my case, it changes only into one language, Italian. And I have to change it every time.

I’ve seen that these days we are experiencing many problems. Hope viki will see and try to fix them.

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In my case the entire page is always in English.

Except that Chrome thinks it’s not and wants to automatically translate it to English.


I think all these bugs will be here until september.we have to adjust to all these for a little while.

Unfortunately, this one has been here for a while…


I have the same problem but not on the Viki main site, but on the Help site. It randomly changes to French, Spanish, sometimes even Chinese - and then it’s difficult for me to change it back, because you have to remember where is the button with the dropdown menu to change languages.

That, too! In fact, I should pay closer attention whether the two match each day. I get automatic replies in the language of the day. Luckily I know what they want to say :yum:

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I had written to Help Center about that, sent them screenshots, even a video and some other more mysterious stuff they wanted (to be taken from the Developer tab). But they weren’t able to solve it.