Bug in the "Continue Watching Section"

Is it just me or the “Continue Watching Section” is not being updated anymore?
I notice a couple of days ago, now when you go to that section in Viki it shows what you watch a couple of days ago, but not the show you’re currently watching.

I’m currently watching Go go squid 2, and if I go to the show page I can see the progress, but it’s no longer in that section on the Home page.

Are you guys having the same issue @kdrama2020ali @ninjas_with_onions @lutra @vivi_1485 @misswillowinlove


You are not alone, this has been going on for days now.
For me, it’s not that grave, I only watch one drama after another and always leave an extra tab open, so at max I have to search through that one ep where I left off.
Look here:

Seems Viki knows and is working on it, there is no more update to this. Either Viki staff all - ill, on leave, on vacation, … Since 3 weeks we do not get any feedback in here, basically since we heard that mariliam left. I don’t know what is going on maybe they restructure or …
Or they are just more than one pair of hand short at the moment.

We all hope the techies are fixing this issue soon.


Oh, I didn’t see those discussions. It’s not so grave for me since I’m not watching a lot of dramas at the same time, but I was just curious to know if it’s something that it was happening to me or it’s normal at this moment.
Thanks for your answer.


@jeslynl, three topics for merger. Please see Lutra’s post above. Thank you!


Yes! It started with Home Magazine for me! It never shows up in my Continue to Watch. And now I have to go back and figure out where I’m at and what Eps. Hard when you are watching multiple shows RIGHT!?? It has been going on for days!



This has been going on for a long time now. I have pen and paper ready and take notes where I left off.


Yes, since I was used to continuing watching the shows from that section.

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I’m doing the same but in drive, keeping track of the last watched episode.


On the Home page, if I click on the title of a drama I am watching, and not the thumbnail, I go to the first episode. Before I click on the start button, if I go to the icons in the lower right-hand corner and click on the one that shows two small screens and a large start button, a strip appears at the bottom of the first episode showing me all episodes in the drama, plus how much of any of them I have watched.

I will not ask how you bypassed the copyright protective features that cause all my screen caps to show black where I view an episode, but . . .


(My screen cap)

Obviously, not all the dramas I am watching show up on that strip, but everything looks right to me.

On the home page, I see thumbnails for ALL the dramas I have watched that are still licensed to Viki, with the oldest at the bottom. I was excited to discover Storm Eye with Zhang Bin Bin and Yang Mi.

Oh , , , real time discovery, if I Google the title and the word “Viki” and click on the link that comes up, I CAN screen cap the “About” image.


Everything looks okay to me.

So if I go to the APP - I can see the list of what I am watching and where I am but I cannot delete or Edit shows! But on the laptop totally different issues.

My ‘continue watching’ section appears to be caught up today. At least the shows I had been watching show up as being caught up to where I actually was, but I haven’t put it to the test to see if it will store any new progress.

Edit: So, further progress is still not showing up in the ‘continue watching’ section, but the process described by @ misswillowinlove above worked for me, at least on the website. Don’t know if it applies to the app.

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I have the same result on the laptop as well as the app. No record of that section…


I don’t know if the issue is completely fixed, but at least it seems to be up-to-date for my device now. Let’s wait a bit longer, I guess there will be a statement of Viki soon.

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The “device app” lacks a number of features that the desktop browser version has. I’d guess there are two teams trying to keep pace with upgrades and fixes and whatnot and they are both constantly under pressure and don’t communicate well with each other.


I just checked and its kind of working, at least is showing the last shows.
I can see that the episode is not the last one I have watched but I think that they are working on the issue.

I haven’t watched anything for a while now, but I followed a link just this morning and it took me to Episode 38 of some drama… even though I hardly watched it for even three seconds, it’s updated on my Continue Watching list. So I guess there are no problems on my side.


Something that I am doing is putting what I am watching in the Watch list. Then it take me to the shows actually section and then sometimes it will be accurate there or I will look at my episodes.
The thing is Viki has been working on this since March.


Viki had it fixed, but it re-appeared this month.


OK so! Nothing I have started recently like Monthly Home or Mysterious Love shows up in my continue watching - so frustrating.

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Have you tried the most prominent points - close, open browser, log out, log in again? No changes?
What system, browser, device do you use?