[C-DRAMA] Female Prime Minister - Recruiting [CLOSED]

Hello, I’m the Manger of Female Prime Minister.It’s in the Need for Chinese-English Subbers, Segementers, other language subbers, and Language Moderators. PM If you’d like to join the Team.


i can do english arabic sub

Okay, I’ll add you as language subber.

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Hello, I can help out with being the Spanish moderator or a subber :smile:

I can help with eglish portuguese sub

thank you, Welcome to the team, there is already a Spanish mod, but I can add you as a subber.

Thank You, and Welcome to the team. ^.^

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Okay :smile:

Hey, if still available i would do the subbing from English to German c:

Yes, Thank you for helping and Welcome to the Team.

Thank you!
Looking forward to work with you (:

Ps: If possible, i would love to be the German mod.

I can help for English to French if someone isn’t already doing it :slight_smile:

I’d like to segment.
If you still need help that is ^^

I would also like to help if necessary

Hi, I would also like to help on Chinese English subbings

Hi! Do you need anyone to help with subbing from English to Portuguese?
ps: I relly enjoyed this drama :heart_eyes:

Hi,I can do potuguese sub. Can I be a Language Moderator?

Hi, i woud like to transelate from english to nerwegian if you want me to

If you need more Spanish subbers, I’m available

Did you check the date on the first post? It was back in 2015. Did you check the drama, to see

  1. Whether it’s still on Viki
  2. Whether the Spanish language has been completed since a long time ago?

I just did and… the drama is not there anymore.