[C-DRAMA] Language Moderators for “My Fated Boy”

Hello, I am the CM for the Chinese drama “My Fated Boy” (29 episodes) and I am looking for more language moderators.

The following languages are already taken.

Language Moderators
French elodiegiraud22_eg_272
German a_hauth_238 (closed)
Italian about_
Portuguese daidorameira & bbj0424
Romanian tony83n_283 & dimghro
Spanish eesquilin_690
Hebrew rrmski

If you want to participate please write to the respective language moderator!

Please message the CM if you would like to be an other language moderator.
To be a moderator: you must have EXPERIENCE, be an ACTIVE QC/GOLD QC


Hello! I can translate from English to Russian if that’s possible

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