[C-DRAMA] Looking for Greek subbers for "Go Go Squid!"


A compatriot is looking for help from a Greek subber in the Chinese drama:

She’s so nice, I wonder where she comes from on this Viki planet.
She will be more than pleased to collaborate with other Greek subbers (even 1) on this drama that she appreciates a lot, but is translating it slowly because she’s alone and is new at subtitling.

She’s thorough and really trying hard (and so human), so please, contact me if you want to translate with her:


Thank you!


Can you send me her username piranna?
I may have some people willing to help her and they may want to talk to her personally.

They can contact me directly, it would be easier because I can add them to the team:

The first 2 ep are in Greek if they’d like to discover the drama to know if they’d like it:

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Listen, I had a look at her subs. If she really wants to become a translator (here or even in real life), I am willing to give her support and guidance, so feel free to direct her to me, I will do all I can to help.
(I don’t mean I will make subtitles for this drama)

-> for recruitment demands, my mailbox is open to Greek subbers.

-> for something different such as coaching/guidance, the best would be to contact her directly, because I can’t reply in her stance (trying to teach a reluctant student?)

All contacts have been put in the cover page.

[My conditions though if she agrees and you agree:
-GGS as an exclusive training ground for guiding the subber (because you both need to begin somewhere on some subbing materials),
-there’s no moderator position to win in this coaching/guidance situation,
-try to find ways to collaborate together (no demotivating each other),
-if something goes wrong, please contact me.]

I can’t write to someone and volunteer to do something she hasn’t asked for.
Your conditions are reasonable. Although I don’t understand why there should be an exclusive training ground, it’s no problem for me to follow what you say. And I have no wish to become a moderator there or to stay on after whatever we do is finished. So it’s perfectly fine.

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Thanks, Irmar!

Maybe you can introduce yourself and say what happened? I was looking for Greek subbers, you saw my message and learnt she was a new subber alone on this drama, you watched some ep and you wanted to guide her and you talked about it with me and I said hat you could directly contact her to see it with her (and that is why you are contacting her?)
I don’t think she will take it badly.

From a few interactions:
She’s really nice, easy going, she asked some questions (for ex: what these sentences meant or how to have a full profile pic or why her name was not in the thank you card.)
I would have prefered to find a moderator for her, but I don’t know any Greek moderator interested in this drama.
And she likes this drama and she wanted to have some help from Greek subbers.

I think doing it even with 1 teammate to help, it’s motivating for her and the exp is more fun.