[C Drama] Looking for TE and subers for The best partner

French below

Hello, I’m looking for motivated people with a very good knowledge of Chinese and English and/or other languages for drama. The best partner

The current translation has been translated as “VIKI” and as a result suffers from many weaknesses. At the moment, there are only comments complaining about the poor quality of the subtitles, but no one is offering to do so.

This is why the team “absolutely” needs people to “retranslate” correctly, including one or two people who can take over the TE position and people who can modify sentences in full or in part.


Bonjour, je suis à la recherche de personnes motivées connaissant très bien le chinois et l’anglais et/ou d’autres langues pour le drama. The best partner

La traduction actuelle a été traduite par “VIKI” et souffre de ce fait d’énormément de lacunes. Pour le moment, il n’y a que des commentaires qui se plaignent de la mauvaise qualité des sous-titres mais personne ne se propose.

C’est pour quoi l’équipe a “absolument” besoin de personnes pour “retraduire” correctement, avec notamment une personne ou deux pouvant se charger du poste de TE et de personnes n’ayant pas peu de modifier en tout ou en partie entièrement des phrases.

Je suis toute nouvelle sur Viki et j’aimerais commencer à traduire ou à corriger des sous-titres à partir de l’anglais vers le français (désolée, je suis incapable de travailler depuis le chinois).
Dites-moi si vous avez toujours besoin d’aide !

Bonjour. Pourrais-je avoir une petite lettre de motivation et te présenter en anglais et français.

De préférence, avec le deux textes qui disent la même chose. Cela me donne une idée de ton “niveau” :wink:


Merci de ta réponse :slightly_smiling_face:

Comme indiqué dans mon précédent message, je souhaite participer à la traduction/correction de sous-titres de dramas chinois. Je ne peux malheureusement pas traduire du chinois vers le français, je propose donc de travailler de l’anglais vers le français, en espérant améliorer mes connaissances en chinois au fil du temps.

J’ai vu que tu recherchais des volontaires pour le drama « The best partner », j’espère pouvoir intégrer l’équipe et lui apporter très prochainement mes premières contributions !

As mentioned in my previous message, I would like to take part in the translation/revision of subtitles for Chinese dramas. Unfortunately, I am not able to translate from Chinese into French, that’s why I propose to work from English into French. I hope I will also improve my knowledge In Chinese over time.

I have seen that you are looking for volunteers for the drama “The best patner”, I hope I can be part of the team and make my first contributions very soon!

Voilà, j’espère que ça te convient :wink:
J’attends de tes nouvelles

Accepté. Regarde tes courriels :slight_smile:

Bonjour Olivier

I am interested in helping out as an English moderator to improve the quality of the subtitles. However, my only experience has been as a subtitler translating Chinese-to-English subtitles. This will be my first experience as an English moderator. Could you let me know if this will fit your requirements for the drama.

Hi Olivier

I am willing to take part in the project as an C-E subtitler. I hold a master’s degree in Translation Studies, and I can help to translate from Chinese (native) to English (C1). Previously I have worked as an English-Chinese subtitler for a while and translated tons of Chinese texts into English.

BTW, I live in Wuhan, the center of the coronavirus outbreak. Since the city is still in lockdown and everyone is under mandatory home quarantine, I have a lot of free time to devote to subtiling.

Hope to hear from you soon:hugs:



I just saw that there are no German subtitles at the moment. I am a native German speaker currently in my 3rd year of translation studies at university and would love to become a team member and start translating this series from English (C1) into German.
I have watched Dramas here for quite a while now and finally have some time, especially now during my semester break, so I would like to start translating on viki. While I have not worked as a subtitler before, I have gained some experience during my studies.

Let me know if that is enough to get started.

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Hi @jliu0922_825

Best of luck to you, and I hope you and your family stay safe.

The best way to go about this is: you go to any Chinese drama that is incomplete or on air, and contact the Chinese Language Moderator (The CM of the dramas rarely answers our PM). The Moderator can determine and let you know if you can be added in the team.

@mian87: I’m sorry but the position of “English moderator” is either already taken or is only in name only I don’t know.

In fact, most of the people who already hold this position have it for the most part to be able to edit subtitles more easily when there are problems with the segments, or are not well “open”.

Clearly, there aren’t really people who are in charge of “motivating” other people as a real “team”, but that’s something to be investigated.

@jliu0922_825 :

Thank you for your application. Can you tell me what you mean by “TE”? I’m new to managing a drama that has viki subtitles ^^

I hope the virus won’t overwhelm you and your comrades.

It will be a great pleasure to add you to the team.
There is no real English moderator yet. It’s mostly the chief segment-manager who’s in charge of saying that we can modify, but I think mian could take care of that ^^


Any additional language is welcome. However, do you have a good idea of how to organize a moderation? You can also be “only” a solo subtitler without a moderator, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.


As I said, subtitles are provided by VIKI. There is no Chinese moderator. That said, unless they’re not already done, this may be an opportunity to find some :slight_smile:

If you still want to apply, please call me via the viki mailbox and not discuss :wink:

I know roughly, what I would have to do and I think I could manage that with some help. So if you think it is better to be a moderator instead of a solo subtitler, I would definitely like to try.

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