[C-DRAMA] 我的娜塔莎(My Natasha) Interest in helping subbing in English, then other languages?

Hi, I’ll make this as short as possible… I have been wanting to watch this Chinese drama called, “My Natasha.” It is about a Chinese soldier and a female Russian officer during WWII…a romance war drama if you say so. It’s been out since January 2012. No subbing since then.

Here is a video subbed by a Youtuber which comprises of the actors in the show… on a talk show.
If you watch it, it does have more of a background of what the drama is about.

I’m willing to work with someone if we can start subbing this. I’m a level 200 Chinese language learner and I have a smart phone to help with translating the Chinese subtitles that I don’t understand as well…
Hopefully there are enough people to help with this.

The downside is…there are over 40 episodes.

Please let me know if anyone wants to help!. 谢谢!

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Hi, I’m also interested in subbing this drama. I’m not a native English speaker but I could help you. The problem is where to find sub.files apart from videostream. If you’re not interested in translation anymore but know where to get sub files, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Hi! I’m a native Chinese speaker and I think my English is good too. I love this drama so let me help you! If you’re still interested in please email me: 542169263@qq.com. :slight_smile:

HI:) I was on the team that started working on this drama with tilloursparksareone a few years ago. Unfortunately, this channel no longer exists. It was a fan channel and links for episodes originated from YouTube and other streaming sites Viki then supported. However, Viki no longer allows these channels because of copyright regulations. I would really like to see this title come to Viki too. If you’d like to request the channel please add your voice at this link: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

The Chinese to English teams are always looking for members to help with translating other projects. Contact the Channel Manager or Moderator on any channel you may be interested.

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that would an interesting drama and could attribute Viki’s palette of diversified entertainment, I would love to see this story! :heart_eyes:
I sent a request and let’s keep fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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