[C-DRAMA] "Secret of the Three Kingdoms" - Recruiting Greek subbers

I need subtitlers with good knowledge of Greek (and English, of course) to translate https://www.viki.com/tv/35857c-secret-of-the-three-kingdoms

plot: The series is set in the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. Consort Wang, a concubine of Emperor Ling has just given birth to a pair of twin boys – Liu Xie and Liu Ping – when she is poisoned to death by the jealous Empress He. While Liu Xie is raised by his grandmother Empress Dowager Dong and becomes emperor (as Emperor Xian) later, Liu Ping is secretly taken out of the palace and raised as a commoner.
Eighteen years later, chaos has broken out throughout China as various warlords fight for power and control over territories. Emperor Xian has been reduced to the status of a puppet emperor under the control of a powerful warlord, [Cao Cao]. During this time, he learns that he has a secret twin brother, Liu Ping, so he summons his brother to the palace to help him save the Eastern Han dynasty from collapse. Throughout these years, Liu Ping has grown up with [Sima Yi and never knew about his true origins until now…

P.M. me (mahoula) if you are interested.


very good knowledge (good native level) of the Greek language.

if your spelling is not good, use your browser’s spell-checker

carefully read the general guidelines and those of the drama

if you don’t know something, don’t just guess: search for it or ask me

be precise in things like formatting and punctuation

always re-read what you’ve done before submitting

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