[C-DRAMA] Starry night starry sea

Now a merman!! wow bring it on! Legend of the blue sea was awesome, I hope this goes well too! first episode very good, just a hint of legend of blue sea, antique dealer, maybe scammer, but very mysterious, um could he be looking for his sister(legend of blue sea mermaid,hehehehehe) but he is looking for his magical pearl. wonder if grandpa is the key> will have to find out!!

I have read that mermaids/mermen were cruel creatures. legends anyway. I do like this story though, most of it isn’t subbed yet, but I could kinda understand what was said. spoiler!!! grandpa , episode 4 oh I am on the edge of my seat to find out!!
the mermaids/mermen and dolphins guardians of the sea. wonder if there is something about Atlantis & Lemuria in that legend. I finally broke down and Googled legends & myths esp about mermaids. really interesting stories if interested just google it!! or check you tube for myths &legends.

episode 18. wow, reincarnated? great-grand daughter?, wonder if she is the one that “stabbed him in the back” hundred years ago> oh I hope that wasn’t a spoiler!!
now I have watched goblins, various gods, grim reaper, mermaids, mermen, vampires, lovers form another star, past to future and future, now whats next??

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I watched 22,23,24 without the subbing, I was able to understand what was being said! not in the audio sense, just watch and see, and when I go back to rewatch with subbs, wone]der how close I am! really a cool discovery there.


It’s a pretty cool way to improve or keep one’s interest alive in a foreign language too. I try that with K-dramas sometime.:persevere:

Did you understand the ending of the drama? Many were stumped and were sad but… (spoilers withheld)

The good news is… Season 2 will be upcoming in a few months, in December :slight_smile:

yes I did, my question is if the merman got his sacred pearl back which for him to live and the girl to die, so why did the merman die too? anyway I did love the way it ended, he as foam and shew die. yeah tears flowed a bit too. still loved it…
can’t wait for December!!:slight_smile:

SPOILER AHEAD. Please don’t read if you haven’t seen the drama.
I understood that he got his blue pearl alright, and the pink pearl from his tears gave life to her. So far so good, but for some reason he disappeared. Why? How? Where?
We will probably never know, because from what I read, Season 2 seems to be totally unrelated to what we saw, an ancient tale with similar plot. (Something like a prequel?)

I am regretting having watched this lame series anyway. It’s just that I had a complicated crochet work to do, different instructions at every row, and I wanted to watch a drama which didn’t need lots of concentration. This one was so slow and repetitive and did not need any particular brain cell activity on the part of the watcher, so it fit the bill nicely. But I did watch the ending attentively… still no clue of what on earth (on sea, he he…) was going on.

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and p/s the guy didn’t smile, I really thought this would be an awesome, but it did leave a bad aftertaste(?) so the prequel has nothing to do with this? wow what a bummer. you did hit the nail on the head, why did he disappear if he got that pearl, and yeah she got that tear pearl so why did they die?

We never saw her die, why should she die? Hopefully the pink pearl gave her swimming abilities, or at least buoyancy. Really, if your boyfriend is a merman, the least you can do is learn to swim.

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According to a viewer here, when she gave him back his blue pearl it was too late so he died. (search the comments with CTRL+F, with the word SPOILER and you’ll find her explanation)
Here is the scene to refresh your memory. It does indeed show him slowly fade before the pearl is passed on.

It is confirmed that Season 2 is a spin-off and not an actual continuation. I read in hancinema.net:

Here is a trailer

Well, that summary sounds more like a happy ending. I hope it’s not a Romeo and Juliet thing.

Lets see whether it comes to viki.

Thank you, for "The Starry Night The Starry Sea films Clip. I am upset about the ending I am still left in the bottom of the sea and asking what just happen? No matter how many time I look at the ending I get more confused. Chinese drama seem to like to give happy / sad ending like sweet and sour. :confused: I did not watch this drama until July of 2017 very recent.

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I know, right?
If it’s a realistic story about a person who has Alzheimer or cancer and dies, I may choose not to watch, but I won’t get upset, because it is realistic that the person may die. But in this case there was no good reason. It’s not a realistic story, so it was their choice to make it happy or sad, and they made it needlessly sad, just because it seems that some people think sad=more romantic.

I’m confused too. My theory of what happened is that she tried to give the pearl back but he just like cried it out again. I think that means only he died. I’m not sure, though. Everyone in the comments were guessing!

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see I wasn’t the only one!

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I think I am going to watch this again.

Wu julan choose to let Shen lou live giving her his everything…his spiritual pearl for her to continue living and all his estate.He wanted her to continue what he has left behind making her taste the good life where he knew she lack from childhood.
He decided to quit living because theres no way they can share the benifit of life of the spiritual pearl it can only serve one person.Wu julan said he couldnt live another thousand years w/o Shen Lou the love he has been looking for a thousand years.
Shen Lou thought the same she wanted to give back the spiritual pearl as she drugged Wu julan in their honeymoon night by the sea…that he cant refuse the spiritual pearl if given the true love kiss.
But to the astonishment of Shen Lou she cant transfer the pearl any longer…for wu julan already expired. Now Shen Lou overtaken by dimay can do no more but in shock watching her love the merman turned into bubbles.
So it is up to us to conclude with this heartbreaking,disappointing tragedy.Shen Lou will probably go on living in frustration…in the memory of a beautiful life of the merman who has sacrificed his eternal life in exchange for hers.

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that. my friend is a beautiful summary and makes better sense as well thank you

Another point is Wu Julan is bugged by the idea…that even if they can find a way for Shen Lou to live and the spiritual pearl back to him…he would resume eternal life and Shen Lou her mortal life…the latter will also grow old eventually while he will continually be young and will also be seperated by Shen Lou’s death.So he decided not to buy the idea anymore and choose to perish for Shen Lou to live.
I think mermaid stories have tragic endings .As writers not to give ideas to hopeless romantics that two diffrent beings are for foever.

However, since it is fiction they can change the myths about mermaids. They could make it work by making him somehow a human. I didn’t watch it because I know about the tragic end. The only reason I love watching series is because I wish to escape from the harsh reality of life. I can’t spend all these watching hours for something that will leave me with tears and pain in the end, especially if it is a love story.

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I think I am going to watch it again

I loved and enjoyed it mainly because of Feng Shaofeng, but still upset because of the sad and confusing ending, now if I was the writer, I would have made it a happy ending, they were married and they joked about her putting on weight, maybe she was pregnant with his child and that may have saved her life have a merman baby and she could have given his pearl back and they lived happily ever after and started a new tribe of sea people - well thats my take on it, most of the fairy tales I grew up with did have a happy ending especially the characters that suffered or were lonely .