[C-Drama Summer's Desire 2018 Recruiting Moderators]

Hi everyone,

This drama will be online on December 11th, that’s why I’m posting here, because we need moderators in several languages (Arabic, German, Swedish, Urdu, Tagalog, Turkish, Hungarian, Serbian, Polish…). You can check on the main page.

Subbers and segmenters are also welcoming to apply :slight_smile:

Thank you :sunny:

Sena, CM.

Hi, I could help subbing it into Spanish based on English subtitles

Sent you a message. I can help with segmenting.

Hello, My name is Tammy I saw mentioned you might need someone for English general editing. I am currently doing EGE for 3 shows. If Paris Downcasts, Brightest Star in the Sky, and Dog Star Tv. I have graduated from the NSSA Sandbox program and am now on level 2 of the Advanced Segmenting school. I am looking for things to make my time more productive so if you need a hand let me know.