C-dramas you loved the most

I’m literally obsessed with Chinese dramas! I must admit it - I wasn’t thrilled to watch Asian tv shows, particularly tv series. I saw few of them since I joined Viki and… what can I say? I see them under a different light rn - in a positive way of course. So any suggestions? Which one did you like the most? Which category are you interested in?

Let the party begin :partying_face:


I think Chinese historicals/fantasy are far superior to the modern dramas.

Absolute favorite is Princess Agents.

Second absolute favorite is Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.

Both can luckily be watched here, on Viki :blush:


100%, those two are definitely my top 5 for cdrama


Definitely Not Today is dark but watched in a WP - I liked it
So Gourmet in Tang Dynasty - I have watched twice - in WP - it is just FUN
Pet Dali Temple - horrible ending last 5 min but the ML is so gorgeous and you can overlook it
My Fated Boy is excellent
Mysterious Love - is so fun
Long Ballad I was actually so in love with the princess and her bad boy (the ML is gorgeous but I cannot stand the FL) this is a good epic though

I guess these are all romance but recently I’m getting away from that in kdramas. I am all about crime/thrillers right now - I guess I need to shop around for some new Chinese dramas.

The Schemes in Antiques movie has AWESOME CGI - worth a watch for the cinematography!


Definitely recommend historical/costume & period dramas, but here are some of my faves (that are available on viki):

Some that aren’t on viki, but that I would recommend, and try and get viki to license

  • Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014/Return of the Condor Heroes 2006
  • Dr. Tang
  • Better Days (is a movie, absolutely my favourite movie in the past few years)
  • Begin Again

If you can’t find anything, go onto some people’s profiles and have a look at the collections they have, or their reviews!


oh so I see you all recommend historical dramas - they seem they are worth a watch, i’ll surely consider them!
till now I only watched modern ones with love as the main theme, like:

  • Why Women Love - the chemistry between the main characters is truly strong, and also it seems to go beyond the drama… i absolutely enjoyed it
  • Put Your Hand on My Shoulder - it is university-based and I liked the acting but it is not as fantastic as I read online. little bit disappointed

A drama I enjoyed watching which is not available on Viki is Once We Get Married. The plot is not like thilling but it was worth it. I loved their acting and in some scenes I even got emotional :cry:
One thing I noticed is that either movies or series - it really doesn’t matter - there are PLENTY of cultural references to food or culture itself. I really appreciated them bc we don’t have those type of things in western cinema industry, we explain them in a different way while here they let you understand their way of living and their culture as well! since i’m studying Chinese it’s like the best way of leaning for me and if i can mix study and dramas well that’s cool.

Btw thank you all so much for your suggestions, i take your advice to heart :heart:

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Excellent choices!

I’ve translated Joy of Life to my language and am currently translating Ming Lan. Both are my favorites, as well.

It’s that feeling when you finish watching a drama and realise that you HAVE TO translate it. Because otherwise you would be depriving people who can’t understand English or Chinese of that experience.

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across the ocean to see you!!! I watched it over 6x!

Also Nirvana in Fire and Advisors Alliance

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Without going to my list and reminding myself of any C-dramas I really liked, I see someone mention “Reset”, and I would agree that it is definitely worth watching.

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Try checking this thread:

Disclaimer: i apologize for that young immature weirdo who wrote the first post - I sat through the entirety of Go Ahead during my recent rewatch and skipped very few times. I guess I appreciate and understand it more, now that I’m older.

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If you want to keep on eating magestic c-dramas I would lie to advice my favourites. They are those which I can’t stop rewatch and that I’ve been addictived to from the start till the end. They transported me in a country where only wuxia can gives me those emotions. Ps : there are only happy ending :slight_smile:

And the currently airing :

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I haven’t watched many C-dramas, but there are some that I loved:

The Bad Kids: masterpiece

A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower: Great mystery series and it deals with a lot of sensitive topics, something that I personally appreciated quite a lot.

Word of Honor: Addicting and I loved the (b)romance and one of the male leads. Even though it had a very low budget, I would dare say that it was much better than some much more expensive series, like the recent Who Rules the World.

Under the Skin: Very interesting series that deals with forensic art. Well-written plot, amazing male lead and very interesting cases that deal -once again- with quite a few sensitive topics.

The Untamed: Well-written characters, interesting plot and a very entertaining ride. To be honest, I love all the characters and I will probably remember them for a while.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms: One of the best romance series I have ever seen. It has a special place in my heart, even though it took me a while to get into it.


Nirvana in Fire was amazing!!! Loved it so much


Go Ahead gets better the more you watch it! Loved it :slight_smile:

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Nirvana In Fire
Story of Xanxi Palace

Dating in the Kitchen
Mysterious Love

Because of Meeting You

With You
When We Were Young (2018)
My Mr. Mermaid

The Eternal Love (Ten Miles Peach Blossom)
Ashes of Love


I saw “My unicorn girl” and i literally loved it!!!

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I liked “The Wolf”

I really love Chinese historical/fantasy dramas as well. I have seen Princess Agents and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.

Some of my other ones that I have seen recently and loved are the following:
The Blood for Youth
Immortal Samsara
The Blue Whisperer
Love and Redemption

I have watched many others but that is a few in case anyone wants to give them a try and put your thoughts out there.

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My absolute favorites:

Arsenal Military Academy
I loved everything about this drama: Cinematography, Costumes/Wardrobe/Styling, OSTs, Props, Location, Screenplay, and Cast…
Everything was phenomenal
The character development was chef’s kiss.
If I am to put something else, it would be a spoiler. You need to watch this drama to love it.

Love O2O
I don’t know what to say about this drama. Everything was amazing, I loved it. Simple word: You ought to watch it.

Word of Honor
I am still baffled at how this drama passed the Chinese Censorship with everything. Like How? In the Board Daylight? I am still flabbergasted. Aside everything, it is a drama I loved. Friendship. Love. Family. Development. Each scene was phenomenal and each character had a long story attached to it.

My Roommate is a Detective
I loved it. That’s the only thing I can say about it…


CDramas aren’t my go to, but there have been a few I quite enjoy

A Familiar Stranger - not too much angst & beautiful cinamtography
Go Go Squid - quite sweet, & the bromance of the team is fun
Love Me If You Dare - Crime drama, can be graphic a points, but very good
The World Owes Me a First Love - I liked the chemistry of the MC
Medical Examiner Dr Qin - Crime drama
Perfect & Casual - contract marriage, it was a fun watch (not on Viki)
Professional Single - I thought this was a fun easy watch
The Legendary Life of Queen Lau - the Queen is fun and quirky
Well-Intended Love S2 - this one is more of a guilty pleasure, S1 isn’t on Viki, but it’s not a continuation, it’s a parallel universe.
You Are My Glory - already been mentioned, but it’s worth mentioning again, it’s very good, low angst

That’s quite a few considering CDramas aren’t my go to, LOL