C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


Plot drags are Chinese dramas’ occupational disease. I’ve found VERY few dramas(to be specific: two dramas) I watched from start to end without skipping through almost entire episodes. I really, really loved Go Ahead but I had to take off one star from my rating because I just couldn’t sit through the plot drag towards the end (from about Eps 30-38). With Love Me if You Dare, I watched just enough to understand the plot and kept fast-forwarding during the ending-drag.

I know it depends on preferences and moods, but I’m sure there are certain dramas with fairly strong plotlines from start to end that keep the viewer’s interest throughout. It’s all right if you skipped a few scenes. Just not entire plot arcs or episodes.
These are the only two dramas I didn’t skip entire episodes of:

Calling for recommendations!


Love is Sweet - But you have to go a looking for that one!

Did you try Cinderella Chef? I have not tried it but I know it’s long might not be what your looking for.

Not sure but I like the cinematography…

There is one more but I’ll have to find it tomorrow in my collections


hmmm. Love is Sweet looks interesting!
I checked Cinderella Chef because the synopsis was interesting, but the reviews are full of the usual “plot is all over the place” and “unnecessarily long” :grimacing: I just hate it when a plot synopsis has so much potential but ends up falling on its face because of poor execution and unnecessary dragging. It’s a big waste :sob:


Love is Sweet is good! The male lead was a ballet dancer (in real life) I just love him but the 2nd ML I love too


Thank you! And go to sleep QUICK! :joy::joy:


I did watch some Chinese dramas, however, if I want to remember them I end up finding out the one I liked was actually from Taiwan. LOL
I do have the MDL list but I would need to look it up and remember them clearly and that is a point most of C-dramas do not fulfill.
I don’t know if you like a medical drama with not much romance?
I kind of liked it, but in this case it means nothing much. Even though I watched a few C-dramas - it’s not that I drop them left and right, most of the time I just sit them out, but Cinderella Chef was one of the few I really dropped, even in the first episodes the story started to be repetitive, dragging and having an interesting synopsis didn’t save the drama while it tried to be overly sweet/fluffy.

The medical drama is this one.

P.S. Forgot to ask is there anything special you are looking for or just in general with all possible genres?


In general, with all possible genres. I find myself skipping through almost every drama I watched, so I’m asking if it’s just me or there are dramas out there that don’t lose steam towards the end.

However, I’m a little wary when it comes to medical dramas… I want them to be as accurate as possible because I’m pursuing a medical career myself. I wouldn’t want to end up learning the wrong thing :sweat_smile:


There are scenes of surgery and medical cases, however I remember it more for the leads to find out about the past incident. As I have no medical background, I can’t say if surgeries or therapies are done accurate. So try or not, as always your choice.


I was amused by the title of this thread, since I knew exactly what you were talking about :smirk:

The only contemporary C-drama I enjoyed almost every minute of was When a Snail Falls in Love. At this point it’s no longer available on Viki, which is a shame. Everything else was skip-skip-skip.

Historicals are a whole other ball game, though. Many of them are superb.


Hm… I recently watched an American doctor’s review on Hospital Playlist season 1 and came to a conclusion that a non-Korean cannot aptly judge if the show portrayed realistically the medical profession. Because not only the routines for diagnostics and treatment, but also bed-side manners are different from one country to the next.


I’m not talking about diagnostics and treatment… The reviews for the drama lutra mentioned said there were inaccuracies about the working of certain systems.

Oh, I’ll search it up!^^


Its on YT (don’t know if all episodes) RVIKI won’t mind since all you see in YT ADS from viki Asian dramas. This drama is really good and I don’t understand why it was removed from here I re-watched twice before. Not perfect but good enough.


Off topic deleting this one too


I think that, unless you are a South Korean, you can’t judge inaccuracies of the medical system portrayed in the Korean medical dramas. That one is also country-specific.


Have you watched this one!?

I have these on my watchlist!


I am a Southerner, yes! :purple_heart:


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Absolutely this one. Feng Shao Feng is quite an actor. Quite the plot as well.

And this one. The ML and the FL equally matched. Cinematograpy amazing. Martial arts choreograhy beautiful, music wonderful.

@kdrama2020ali I see in one of your comments here that you are Southern. As am I (born in Texas, raised in Virginia). Hey, Southern Soul Sister!



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