C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


And that is NOT a compliment!

Scarlett - Fierce!


When a snail falls in love, Maiden Holmes, Pillow Book (Eternal Love of a Dream), Novoland Eagle Flag, Sand Sea, Sound of Providence, In a class of her own, Love is Sweet, The Wolf, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillon and many more :slight_smile:


I never skip through episodes. If I get bored or don’t like the story I just quit watching. But I’ll usually finish what I start binge-watching.

The ones I forget are the ones that take a week for the next episode to come out. I sometimes lose track of those.


our glamorours life.
miss the dragon.



@vivi_1485 Do you watch Taiwanese dramas?


Go ahead, put your head on my shoulder, ecuaciones del amor, perfecto y casual, you are my hero


Only Lost Romance… though there are a few lurking in my never-ending, overflowing watchlist :joy: however, I’ve seen lots of reviews that say Lost Romance isn’t like the normal TW dramas and it’s the best TW drama ever blah blah blah… so I’m a little scared to start new ones! :grimacing:


Hello Again is SUPER Adorable! Quirky but Adorable -
I do like Love Is Science I think that one is well done
And Bromance - Bromance is campy but so good


Just found this one


I think I made it through each of these with only skipping a scene or two here and there.


The Imperial Coroner was wonderful! :heart_eyes: One of my favorite c-dramas!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Put Your Head On My Shoulder because I’ve already watched My Little Happiness and I know it’s gonna be AWKWARDDDD seeing the ML of MLH as the SML in PYHOMS and recalling all those moments from MLH :see_no_evil: Over all that, most of PYHOMS happens in school while MLH happens while they’ve all grown up and are professionals so I’ll never be satisfied with PYHOMS’s ending after seeing that crazy amazing wedding in MLH :sweat_smile:

My Love, Enlighten Me looks interesting… I added it to my watchlist! :sweat_smile:


I thought The Imperial Coroner was one of the best written shows I’ve watched.

I can understand your feelings about PYHOMS. Strangely, I had a bit of the opposite reaction. I wasn’t sure I could enjoy those two as the main leads together, because I kind of really didn’t like him in PYHOMS. Thankfully, I was totally wrong.


I agree! I still cannot believe that the cast was a bunch of rookie actors who were all mostly in college :scream: If they’re so amazing now, I cannot wait for them to get mainstream!
I really applaud the directors and all the staff for making such a great show on such a tight budget.


I know. I was shocked. Such a great cast all around.

I had no idea about all that in regard to production. It’s amazing that they produced such a great final product.


I am now severely intrigued… :thinking: :smile:


I guess I was so intrigued by and immersed in how well the story was written that I didn’t even pay much attention to the quality of the sets or costumes or whatever. Frankly, they must not have been bad enough to get my attention, so how bad could they really have been?


I know, right? The way some commenters kept screaming, you’d think they dressed them up in newspapers and paper bags! I didn’t even notice anything weird because the plot and actors were so good!
I loved the illustrations they gave for the medical stuff… so we didn’t just have to rely on the words she said. And the way they acted out all the murders :joy:

Try it! :smile:


Already watchlisted it :blush: Have to translate now, can’t watch until the weekend!


my glamours life