C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


I think that one is on my watch list.


Arsenal Military Academy

I loved this one! It’s not what I typically watch (Romance dramas) but it keeps you on the edge of your seat, has enough humor to motivate you to watch another episode, and the romance is implied but not the soul focus of the show. (And Xu Kai gives a stellar performance as the male lead.)


Ashes of love, very good


Mysterious Love - Oh gosh do I keep talking about this drama!!!


Oh I LOVED that one!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: It’s the most epic cdrama I ever watched ad I still miss my Phoenixxxx :sob:

Oh keep talking about it all you want… we’re all fangirls here, we understand :sweat_smile: Have you finished it?


Does this mean you’ve also watched Ten Miles of Peach Blossom? Because the Phoenix for me slightly pales in comparison to Ye Hua :smirk:


it’s on my watchlist! I’ve heard lots of comparisons with the two dramas. These epic fantasies take soooo many episodes that it becomes a whole experience watching one. I’ve still not moved on from AOL! :sweat_smile:

I just need someone to tell me if the ending is satisfying enough, because I was kinda disappointed with AOL’s ending. After the way they tore my heart into little pieces, stomped on it and dragged me through fire, I wanted a better, more perfect, sappy-sweet end.