C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


I’ve watched a lot of Cdramas, but it’s sad how few of them can qualify for this thread.


lol I second that; more like I skip most of it and don’t miss much if I were to watch first episode and final episode.


I started it, and it seemed to have good production values and music. However, it’s part of a genre that I don’t quite “get.” I’m not a gamer, but the world of gamers doesn’t strike me as a world where people become national heroes and make enough money to be taken seriously and get married and whatnot . . .


I can’t quite tell how much, if any, sarcasm is in this post, but I thought I’d at least point out some incredibly crazy numbers that are actually involved in the real-world esports universe. It’s off-topic, so I will summarize, but I urge you to check it out. It sometimes makes me feel like I made some bad life choices. :rofl:


I do this only because I once thought it was crazy to think people were making a living, and a good one, by playing video games, but then I started hearing commercials advertising an esports tournament that was being held in a major sports arena in my area at the time. Yes, at a full-scale, full-capacity sports arena. And it sold out in minutes! And the prize money was in the millions! This was specifically for a game I’d never even heard of called DOTA 2. I found this info for top earners in the year 2018:

1. JerAx Jesse Vainikka $2,290,631.60 $6,470,548.78
2. N0tail Johan Sundstein $2,282,716.63 $6,983,817.80
3. Ceb Sébastien Debs $2,280,216.63 $5,573,712.41
4. Topson Topias Taavitsainen $2,249,841.60 $5,490,317.57

And if it’s not enough that people make money in competing in esports tournaments, you can also make big bucks by just playing video games in your home, recording it, and posting it on ‘the tube’. Some of the biggest utube earners for playing video games make more than 10 million a year!!!
Scroll through this article to see a list.

I know I was taken aback to find out that this is the case.


I love video games of a certain type, and I waste, er, inventively use my time on the Internet. But from my POV, “G-dramas” are obviously aimed at a certain demographic that does not include me.

I have no problem with escapist entertainment or with people making money making people happy.

However, the obvious amount of money spent to produce some of the gamer dramas, and the entire seriousness with which the main characters find love, romance, responsibility, and fulfillment in the world of role-playing video games . . . these are things that I find somewhat amazing and slightly silly.

The money that real-life gamers can make . . . wow. Just sad in my view.


Crazy, right? My hubby and son are gamers, but unfortunately they are not raking in that cash by doing so.

I’ve watched a few Gdramas (did you come up with that moniker, or have I just not noticed people refer to them that way before? I like it), but only because I enjoy watching people fall in love in most any genre. As far as in-drama gameplay, I pretty much skip most of it because I’m not here for that either. It certainly seems like it’s a popular genre in Cdramas right now, though.


Apparently the official policy for Chinese family growth is now three children. Trying to officially undo the results of the Great Leap Forward. That means entertainment for a lot of children, teens, and young adults in the coming decades.


I totally understand you :joy::joy: I’ve watched all sorts of genres I wasn’t really interested in and skipped wherever it was boring just to watch the romance :sweat_smile:


Just finished this one and only skipped some moments when a villain would go off on an arrogant monologue.


So you’d qualify it as an unskippable drama??


It’s an interesting question because it wasn’t like it was a stellar drama - nothing groundbreaking. It had it’s share of plot points that didn’t make a ton of logical sense, and it also had some of those annoying characters - you know the ones - long term obsessions, etc. But I guess the one thing this drama had going for it in that regard is that the episodes were relatively short, and the annoying or illogical parts came and went pretty quickly and didn’t get unnecessary screen time and therefore didn’t really need to be skipped. So i guess I would put it in the category of fairly fluffy and easy to watch. There is a fair bit of steamy skinship and quite a bit of, um, actual skin, for those who are sensitive to that.


Hello Mr Gu


Highly recommend this modern day, workplace drama.
Eagerly waiting for Season 2 though it won’t be ready anytime soon.


I really should watch this one. The reviews and opinions are so conflicted… I WANT TO MAKE MY OWN OPINION! :joy:


The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Found this movie - It looks GOOD!


I can say with a clear conscience that I never skipped more than a minute anywhere in this drama. Only one arc got on my nerves, but it ended quickly and I liked the boy in that relationship, so I endured for him.
The entire thing is a wonderfully heartwarming, realistic watch. I’d never watched a family drama before: where you follow an entire family’s story and all their tangled relationships, failures and successes. Loved it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have watched quite a few of the C-dramas recently. I enjoy light hearted comedy mostly now. This is a list of shows that I have watched to the end and some of them more than once. Hope this helps someone in choosing something they enjoy. No one dies and all happy endings. There is some silliness and some tears and a lot laughter, too. Some of these were mention in earlier posts.
My Little Happiness
My Fated Boy
Count Your Lucky Stars
The World Owes Me a First Love
The Love Equations
Professional Singles
First Romance
My Girl
Dr. Cutie
The Fox Summer season 1 & 2
My Love Enlighten Me (really liked)
The Best of You In My Mind


ooh, these are some good ones! Thanks for the reccs, I’ll check them out!^^


enjoy I sure did.


Someone already mentioned this one, but @kdrama2020ali and I watched this together from beginning to end, and we loved it. The ML, who is the younger party in an age-gap relationship, is by far the wisest and most mature out of all the characters, who happen to all be older than him. He was so great!