C-dramas you watched from start to end WITHOUT SKIPPING


I totally agree with you there, but also have to say Ashes of Love and the Untemed, could have had more episodes, that was so beautiful to watch :heart:

However, Rise of the Phoenix 70 episodes or Ever Night 2, was really exhausting and could have been a few episodes shorter


I agree. That’s why I’m extra-EXTRA careful when choosing them.
I was really surprised that Ashes Of Love kept my interest in almost everything up until the very end. It takes REALLY good writing to manage that! I only skipped here and there, no more than I would do on a 30-ep drama. They changed up the scenery and sets once in a while by making them go to different realms and stuff, so nothing really got boring. That’s why it’s one of the best ever cdramas I’ve watched. I wouldn’t have minded one more episode giving us the happiest of happy endings but oh well, we don’t get eVERYTHING :roll_eyes:


But why?!? Why can’t we have everything?!? :sob::sob::sob:
Is it really so much to ask for everything? :wink::blush:


Have you watched??


nope… did you watch the whole thing without skipping?? I read the synopsis and reviews… I don’t think I’ll like it.


No I just saw it on the Viki home page!


Fortunate for you, you have waiting in the wings, a spin off, count your good fortune :wink: Fans who watched had to wait for the spin off :slightly_smiling_face:

The following drama, is also a good watch.


Mysterious Love
Fast paced and only 16 episodes total. I did not skip any eps.


I got derailed thanks to @porkypine90_261 from my 400 dramas that I am already watching!
I love this CUTE show!


I know, right? I, along with who knows how many others, requested that show a long time ago. I’m glad to see it finally arrive on Viki. The team has segged up to EP 8 and the subbers are on 1 & 2.


I’m On Eps 7 - It’s just so darn cute I can’t stand it and the EYE CANDY just keeps me coming back!


Has Anyone Watched this One Yet -
ESports - Neat Concept!??


Everyone says its a hybrid of Love O2O and King’s Avatar… I dropped Love O2O because it just didn’t interest me even after 16 episodes so I don’t know how this is :grimacing: But I might try if someone here tells me to!


As long as the kisses are not just him - It would be better than O2O


C drama love

Time Flies and You are Here???
Anyone this one>>>


I liked it at first but I stopped around episode 23 because this drama is unnecessarily long. :confused:


The problem of all C-dramas


How many times have I said that myself? So many.


It’s particularly true for this drama. The story is simple, it’s not an epic historical drama.


That’s why I created this thread— to collect long but interesting dramas!