Can you critique me?

Hello everyone
I am new in segmenting.
In the past I have started the ninja academy but due to family matters I couldn’t finish the lessons.
Moreover I don’t have the time to register again in the academy and follow up the lessons.
However I have read amy’s lessons and I have decided to help segmenting an old channel (taiwanese) with no volunteers.
I have finished segmenting part 1 from ep 5 and I was wondering if you could check it and let me know my mistakes.
here is the address
Thank you in advance
Edit: A volunteer just came up willing to help with segmenting. She has graduated from ninja academy so she will check my segmenting and she will help as much as she can with the segmenting of the rest of the episodes.
So I can focus on subtitling my projects now.
If nevertheless happen to check the segments before she does and corrects them whereever is necessairy and you are willing to critique me I will gratefully accept it.

Hi mahoula,

I did check the video. This video is hardsubbed. I seen that the voice was followed instead of the hardsubs. When i cut video with hardsubs I try to time the segments with the hardsubs. The only time I do not is when the hardsubs are way off from the speaker. If you look at the video from the main page (not segment timer), You will see the subtitles appear prior slightly prior to the hardsubs. The viewer is seeing the subtitles flash up and then the hardsubs. The hardsubs in this video are slightly off from the speaker, but not enough to be noticed if the subtitles and hardsubs were aligned. Now when i watch the video, my eyes are focused on the subtitle, but when the hardsub appear…the focus shift (or vice versa).

The video is cut well, but it may be a little annoying to viewer because the timing difference of the subtitles and hardsubs.

Take care