Captioners & subtitlers discrimination against the deaf!

Here is a bit of education to those that leave projects in Captioning and Subtitling incomplete and how that is a discrimination against the hearing impared and deaf.

How do I know?
I am hearing impared!!!
The fact that CAPTION in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE is highly important to those that are hearing impared or deaf.

When you decide not to CAPTION the original languages you are causing a discrimination against the hearing impared and deaf.

VIKI is against discrimination but has not addressed this issue.

So I will be suggesting that VIKI do the following to limit the discrimination against the hearing impared and deaf that is going on.

    ONLY one can be accepted or added.
    It has to be 100% complete of the whole series or movie before another captioning project can be accepted or added.
    Nor can the opt to leave and then add a new project until the one added or accepted is completed at 100% by them or someone else who has completed the movie or series.
    That no subtitling translation can be unlocked until the CAPTION PROJECT is complete.

    ONLY one movie or series can be accepted or added.
    It has to be 100% complete of the whole series or movie in the various languages the subtitler accepted to complete in that before another subtitling series or movie an be accepted or added.
    Nor can the opt to leave and then add a new project until the one added or accepted is completed at 100% by them or someone else who has completed the movie or series.

This way there is no discrimination permitted any longer.

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I really don’t see why hearing impaired people should be given precedence. When a series is in, say Chinese, a language where I don’t even know “yes” or “no”, the series is as unwatchable for me as it is for a hearing impaired person, as there’s no way to understand what’s going on by just listening to the sounds and the music.

So, following your logic, a subtitler who - for any reason - leaves some episodes of a series untranslated is discriminating me or the other non-native speakers? How unreasonable is that? We’re all volunteers here. Usually if a translator or moderator cannot complete a job, someone writes to the channel manager and another person is put in his/her place.
Caption in the original language is only one of the jobs, not the most important job. It’s equally important as subtitling in other languages, and I agree that it has to be done. But I think that giving it precedence is not useful at all, it is discriminating towards people of other languages and implementing what you suggest (finishing the captioning before opening the episode for subtitling in other languages) it will waste precious time.
Most of the time, it’s different teams who do the captioning and the translating, so why on earth can’t they be working at the same time? And how would it be useful that all the translators in all the languages wait for the captioners to finish before they start working? Anyway, those translators cannot do the captioning, it’s somebody else’s so they will be sitting idle for no reason. You’re punishing the international audience because the captioning team is slow or lazy or or sick or whatever?
I also say that restricting a volunteer (either captioner or translator) to only one project also doesn’t make any sense. As a translator, I have different projects going on, some of which on air. I cannot complete the on air series for the simple reason that it’s still being broadcasted (in most cases it hasn’t even been filmed yet in its entirety), so if I have more spare time why not do another one or two or three as well?

The whole post shows a person who does not know how viki volunteer teams work. Which is normal, because I see you only joined 6 days ago, and you are working on just one show right now. While we must be understanding with newbies, I think you are coming on too strong and too aggressive. Before familiarizing yourself with the processes and seeing how things work, you write multiple posts on the suggestions board asking for restrictive rules, you complain, you use all caps and exclamation marks to shout your frustration and pretend to “educate” others.
I’m not amused.


oh fun part I forgot to point out on one of the copies of your original post.

It is very… what is the word… assuming of you to think that 100% is possible for every show.
on jinky vikii 100% was NEVER USUALLY THE CASE unless the legendary and one of the few maybe 3? (off the top of my head) subbers would drive by.

70% completion? well too bad. The deluge of native/heritage speakers of particularly KOREAN and CHINESE language is a NEW phenomenon like last couple of years. In 2005 no such thing existed. I know. I ghosted then and jinky vikii was too hard for me to use. You had to make up your segs and everything. Crappynet would never allow vikii to fully load. I’d give up. I was also only 40% fluent then.

That’s actually something that makes sense and came up while vikians talked. Could we have a lighter version of the website? Many of us use crappy net and viki is too content heavy for loading to be good each time.

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Well then if 100% cannot be reached the at least 90% could be set as the limit.

Captioning the original language was originally designed to service the hearing impared and deaf. That is what it was created for in the beginning.
It was designed and funded by the financial supporters and grant funding agencies of the hearing impared and deaf community.

So you are saying that captioning should not be used for the hearing impared and deaf who funded the initial creation of the CAPTIONING PROCESS?

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Please find and copy paste the part of my post where I said there shouldn’t be any captioning.
And, for your information, captioning is useful not only for the hearing impaired, but also for learners of the language. Who understand it when it’s written but have a bit of trouble when native speakers speak fast, so subtitles are immensely helpful. I used DVDs with English subtitles of English films for my kids when their English was still not that good.

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@irmar i’m in a different timezone than you I’m going to bed.
@millenniumlovelegacy could you get back to us after you read NOT JUST THE VIKI GUIDELINES but the one made by the NSSA which is to me the most comprehensive manual of community guidelines I encountered, browse THE RULES of several moderators @lupita311 has one in spanish, @cgwm808 has one specifically in English for kdrama, French editors definitely do I saw this very serious looking google spreadsheet they use.
Or talk to the people who run the romanian subititling school (RVT). To figure out a bit more about how this process works?

We don’t mind educating you like this post by post. if you keep exploring more you’ll see why what we’re saying is kindof redundant, much faster than this way.

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Get lots and lots of sleep!

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agreed with @irmar
I LOVE CAPTIONS. It makes me SUB SO MUCH FASTER no ears needed. that’s why I adore the native speakers of Korean + other reasons.

We just don’t have enough native Koreans on the Korean shows. I haven’t worked on anything else because… I’m only a bilingual sorry.

Chinese language shows almost ALWAYS come with hard captions. Almost always!

Somehow I got mad just from reading the first few lines.
Really? And if someone knows only French or Spanish, but the series isn’t complete in that language or isn’t translated is that discrimination against them? =_=’’
And what about the people who aren’t native speakers and have hearing impairment? Isn’t it discrimination towards them to put off the translation?
I would give the same solution here as for that problem - for people to learn English since it’s the international language.
Besides, people have free will, they are not work horses to slave over the same drama even when it became boring for them (which is why people usually like to do different projects) - you should just appreciate that they contributed something to the work load and not underline the fact that they weren’t there for the whole 16 episodes or in the worst case 100+ episodes (really for that even the filming staff sometimes doesn’t last).
Another thing is that I’m sure there are some people who speak the language but don’t write and read it. Why postpone their contribution until the very few people who can caption are done?
Don’t try to make people do things it takes out the fun for them and will lead to less progress.


Absolutely agree with evilyuli and sophie2you. When we work with volunteers, there is really no way to force anyone to do anything and we really shouldn’t. Most people contribute to Viki because they enjoy it. It’s a hobby but if it becomes work, they leave. I’ve had one drama that has been captioned and that’s because someone came in and did it on their own. We have such a hard time recruiting translators because like Sophie said, there are not that many KOR-ENG translators for all the dramas Viki licenses.

It would be great to have captions for everything but it is nearly impossible. Honestly, I don’t think anyone wants to discriminate against anyone. That’s not the point of being here. For most, it is to share with others a drama in their language from Spanish to Tagalog to Dutch to Swedish and so on.

Eviljuli makes an excellent point about the level of proficiency in the language. Some translators might not be that well versed in writing Korean or Chinese but can listen and translate into English.

Anyway, my point is that no one wants to discriminate against anyone. The opposite is true, we are all here to share these wonderful dramas in as many languages as we possibly can. :slight_smile:


Then we’ll ask for captions in minority languages, for 100% subtitles for all possible languages, for dubbed dramas for the visually impaired, for edited (censored) episodes to protect cultural sensitivities and so on and so on.

To be honest, I agree there should be an accessibility rule to ensure access for everyone. It is an important issue. I understand, though, that this is not a job for the volunteers and that it would alter the business model of Viki if it were to be done by professionals.

It is not a bad suggestion overall, but it is an impossible thing to demand under these circumstances. Viki should become as big as CNN or something. Then, many things would change and I doubt we’d be able to watch so much content for so little effort on our part.