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Tong Nian is a genius 19-year-old student with high IQ and low EQ, who is also a famous anime cosplay person and sings well. She falls in love at first sight with Han Shang Yan, who is a game genius in the e-sports world and never pays attention to the girls.

Episodes: 30

Adapted from the novel 蜜汁炖鱿鱼
Mi Zhi Dun You Yu, Stewed Squid with Honey

Genres: Romance, Comedy

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Also need some support with 2 Historical Cdramas not licensed yet on Viki (probably 2019?):

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Everything is explained on the English cover.

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:calendar_spiral: Official broadcast date: July 9th 2019

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Adapted from the novel Honey Stewed Squid from Mo Bao Fei Bao.

Novel translated here:
Chapters: 50
(Thank you to the translators and their translations notes are top! They did a great job)

Binged the novel that I didn’t finished before. It is easy to read and time to read it less than a day (an exception compared to other novels with +hundreds chapters). Perfect for a Sunday!

My pov on the novel: beware of spoil!!!
Focused on romance.

The story is light, cute and contains some smexy scenes! I hope they won’t omit them in the drama, some are hilarious and some are just expression of desire. Lots of kisses, drunk girl who becomes daring, teasing guy.

The plot is not intricate, there’s not really any love triangle (maybe one guy, but she’s not interested) so it mainly focuses on their relationship.
There are no big dramas in the plot, the exciting moments are the smexy ones. First Chinese one I read one with such moments (desire from youth).
It’s really just about love and age gap, parents acceptation, friendship, esport as a job.

The fl is sweet and innocent whereas the ml is cold and indifferent (huh? Déjà vu?).
They are both really beautiful (again, it’s main leads novel!)
She has a crush on him on first encounter in an internet café, but he doesn’t pay attention to her.
She will hack an account to play in a game he’s playing.
She learns he’s a 29-yo pro gamer and the owner of K&K, a gaming company. A high figure in early stages and development of esports in China called God Gun.
She’s a 19-yo college student in eletronics, she’s smart at school but dense outside studies, she does programming and is famous for being a Japanese anime coverist who has lots of fans. Little Squid is her nickname or Your Highness on Weibo social media.
And onwards, many encounters will make them closer.

The end was rushing so that left me wanting for more.
Lack of development for extra characters, pity there (team solo, apple, K&K members, yaya love story)
The game development was left out around the middle of the novel.
The badump development for his part was too fast for me. I haven’t understood the transition.
But from indifference to teasing, I still think the couple is adorable with their own lovely moments.

Happy ending that makes you satisfied.

It’s pleasant to read, not the best romance novel that I could read, but I spent a good time reading it :slight_smile: Many laughs.

2 excerpts:

Credits to author and subbers

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1 month
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I’m watching it now for the 2nd time. You all did a great job subbing it. Thank you so much!!!