Cdramas galore


ok I do like the Cdramas, the historical stuff and the myths and legendxs and so on.

now I do ask , someone here, can’t we get away form so much or many battles, killings and such? gosh every time I want to watch A C drama, there ya go fighting, battles and so on. Now I don’t mean the conflicts ao China and Japan and such, but I am just saying, how about a mystery or sci fi drama, in YOUR part of the world? I don’t mean time travel either. sorry I just get kinda weary watching all those battles and such! we talking about history? I know China does have a bunch, well can it b e explained with out battles. why not the archeologists find something, never found before, or oh maybe I am just venting.

I do love the costumes and love watching them twirl around with the pulleys and cables, guess I just want something different for Chinese dramas

ok off my soap box


How about modern C-dramas? You might miss the costumes, but at least there’s usually no battlefield. And they’re usually less long at that.
And I think a drama about an archeologist would by definition be a modern drama, since at least the archeologist him-/herself would live in modern times, while digging up old times.


yeah why not watch a modern one? this one drags a bit in the middle (just c-drama things :roll_eyes:) but it’s a really beautiful family drama, unafraid to talk about mental health. Bonuses: very soothing OST and amazing cast!


Love is Sweet

I love this C-drama. The lead couple is outstanding and I have a thing for the 2nd lead rival! You have to request on Viki. I am watching on another platform. It takes a little while for them to get together but once they do, aw, so sweet! Modern office drama.


If you haven’t watched it, I wholeheartedly recommend my mother’s favourite Cdrama ever:


mirjam, I do like the modern ones as well, and have watched some recently


don’t want to miss out on this one. I do like the cdramas, just wish there were less battles, more scifi, mysteries and such


do they use the same palace in each drama, ?


watching word of honor, an awesome drama, think I said the title right, also got a couple of my favorite actors in there.


Story of Yanxi Palace is kind of long but amazingly worth watching. Some parts are painful, but even the tragic events have a message that you’ll understand why it had to happen. Like always makeup, wardrobe are amazing. The cast is amazing.


putting that on my list then, only reason not watching is the length of the drama


It took me long to finish it bc once I got tired I stayed away for a few days and went back to watch it days later. I did skipping on certain scenes that I felt had no meaning to watch.


Does anyone have any information on the way dramas are produced in China? I find it a little weird that there are so many TBA dramas… I saw somewhere that they have to wait to be approved by the govt or something, but look at this:

This actress has a main role in SEVEN TBA dramas!! How do these actors work?!


You work as many films/shows as you possibly can while you are a hot commodity. The acting business is a fickle employer.


I’ve seen people with some TBAs in their filmography, but wow that’s a lot at once. Besides not knowing when those dramas will air, it’s hard to tell at first glance when they were actually filmed. I’ve watched at least one drama that I know was filmed years before it actually got an air date, so I’m pretty sure they’re all filmed already and are likely just sitting there, waiting to get approval to put them on air.


Well, I am watching a somewhat modern-ish show. It takes place sometime in the 1930’s from the looks of the clothing. It’s actually very cute so far. A fantasy forest, small town somewhere in warmish-temperate forest China, steam engine trains, old fashioned gangster-style cars…

The FL falls off a cliff while looking for herbal remedies and ends up in a hidden forest where she finds people who are avoiding modern society. She finds the ML there and he ends up taking her out of the forest to find a cure for their Holy tree which is showing signs of leaf drop.

It’s a romantic comedy - I’m only on EP 4 so far. It’s really cute so far.


I think I had that in my watch list once but I must have deleted it for some reason. I really like that FL, so I wonder what made me remove it?

After Viki had to make some sweeping changes in their licensing agreements, especially with Kocowa, I have noticed that nearly all of the new, purely ‘free with ads’ content that comes along is Cdramas.


this one (prodigy healer is a cute one) and I don’t think I ever finished it! one of my projects to check out. and I just noticed more Cdramas?? just sayin


I agree with you both! The location, and/or set is also intriguing. (Possible location ideas here, @ninjas_with_onions) I’ve watched it quite sometime ago, good forest ideas for the animals, and our Kamis :smile:


I’ve always had the pass so I’ve never seen any commercials, which I hate. I bought the pass so I didn’t have to watch commercials.I really hate watching them except for a few really cute ones. But those are rare.