Channel Manager Level Certification

Per the Channel Manager Progression Path,
"To determine your Channel Manager level, look through your previous projects and see where those projects fall into the content categories on the progression path. "
… “For Contributors who have previous Channel Manager experience, look at the projects you’ve managed in the past and where they fall in the levels to determine your current level. Once you’ve determined your level, please verify if you require sign off which only applies to levels 2 and 3. If not, and you meet all the requirements then you can feel free to apply to channels at your current level.”
Per the guidelines I qualify for Level 5 because I have managed over twenty Level 5 K-dramas, some of which were as long as 44 episodes.
For confirmatory purposes, I did send a DM to fsl_viki on May 6, 2024 which stated as follows:
re: Channel Manager Level 5 certification
Pursuant to the “progression to channel manager” guidelines, I am requesting Level 5 certification.
I have been continuously active on viki since June, 2009, and have made over 1 million contributions. You may have noted that I am currently channel manager of Heroes which is NOT completely subtitled in English and never will be! The channel was given to NSSA for training of segmenters for K dramas (Level 4 segmenting in the NSSA program). NSSA designated me as the chief sensei for Korean media segmenting and asked viki to appoint me as the channel manager of this channel. The channel requires minimal time on my part to occasionally name a segmenting instructor as a moderator so that she can add trainees as segmenters to the channel, and once or twice a year, deleting all segments so that the episodes can be recycled for training.
Every on-air channel for which I was channel manager was completely subbed in English and many other languages – some are nearing 40 complete languages.
Despite my continuously applying for appointment as a channel manager on various projects, I have not been appointed by viki staff for years. Appointment is a matter completely under the control of the viki staff and I have never asked nor been offered a reason.
I have been chief editor of approximately 350 Korean drama and movies. I am a native English speaker (former university tenured assistant professor and a lawyer licensed in three states including one winning brief to the US Supreme Court) and am of intermediate fluency in Korean attained through daily practice at viki and 7 years of university coursework in Korean language and linguistics.
If you decline to certify me, please be courteous and inform me of the reason so I can rectify any obstacle.
I look forward to receiving a reasonably prompt and transparent reply.

Per the viki contributor role count for channel manager (I don’t know if it includes dramas and movies no longer licensed) I have been a channel manager 58 times. Most of those positions were for K dramas so per the experience qualification as stated above, I am a Level 5 manager.
It is seventeen (17) days since I sent the DM to fsl_viki. I have not received any response. Am I being stonewalled*?
*stonewall • \STOHN-wawl\ • verb. 1 : to be uncooperative, obstructive, or evasive 2 : to refuse to comply or cooperate with. Examples: The company’s executives stonewalled the investigation at every turn. " Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Why wouldn’t it? Even though those dramas are not on Viki anymore, the experience is inside you and the titles are still visible in your project list so Viki can see them, too.
And if they wouldn’t count, it would mean that if all our shows lost their license, we would suddenly be a newbie again… That can’t be what Viki has in mind, can it? :thinking:


On another discussion thread zyxw has reported receiving confirmation of Level 3 certification. Has anyone else received any confirmation?

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To be fair, I wrote the first message on 19th April XD
It was something along the lines of “Hi, can I know what level am I on?”
I didn’t get response until 19th may, so I wrote another message stating: “I completed that channel as CM, I want to get level 3 certification”.
They responded rather quickly (per the standard XD) that I have lvl 3 and everything is okay.

I thought maybe they respond quicker, if you’re very precise with:

  1. What you want
  2. For which project

Also I don’t think level 5 needs certification, it’s only levels 2 and 3 that need a sign-off


I asked on April 14th before I realized I might not qualify after all. I just assumed I didn’t when I didn’t get a reply. Though I noticed the timeframe (“in the last 3 years” or something) was removed from the requirements so I guess I should be 2 at least. I’m not going to try for CM anymore (I’m ok with it at this point).

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I think you should try sending the message again. Maybe this time you will get a response.
If you don’t want to try anymore, that is also fine, but shouldn’t have to feel like you need to give up.


But whom should we write, when the staff never write back to you and @brendas isn’t also not aound daily



Staff who never really writes back, like I wrote


I guess they reply selectively. He is the one in charge of CMs…


I wrote fsl_viki about a specific level issue related to Chinese dramas and still haven’t heard back. I wonder what the slow response or lack of response many of us seem to be having is about.

After hearing about Zyxw’s success with specifics, I am going to give it a bit more time. If I don’t get a response to my question, I’ll write and specifically say that I have completed the requirements for level 5 and would like verification that I have level 5 standing, please. We’ll see what happens… :thinking: